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Debate - The Internet is Beneficial to Mankind (Proposing)

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Debate - The Internet is Beneficial to Mankind. (Proposing) Bill Gates said and I quote "The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." Mr. Chairman, Hon. Judges, my worthy opponents and the audience at large, good morning. The internet is a valuable communication and research tool that provides a unique way of accessing information databases all over the world. Something not easily possible before the advent of the internet The internet is a medium for communication that gives users access to a vast array of documents that are interconnected. A medium that is becoming vastly popular amongst all sorts of people. The reasons for this are numerous but mainly the fact that the Internet has made it possible for people all over the world to communicate with one another effectively and inexpensively. ...read more.


Consumers actually save quite some money when they buy goods on-line. Video-conferencing makes it possible for people to see and hear other people on the other end of world! It makes it possible for teachers and learners to 'meet' online to discuss their experiences and solve problems. I don't think that anyone could have even imagined this some fifty years ago. But the internet has made it possible and researchers, scientists, doctors, engineers, economists, you name it, all are coming together to freely share ideas with one another from every corner of the world. In the development of anything great, great minds must come together and the internet makes it very easy. You may argue that this may also be possible if the various people from different parts of the world physically meet at a particular forum e.g. ...read more.


We cannot blame the internet for the 'problems' that users have to face, for these are not problems with the internet, but simply problems created by ill-minded users. We commonly talk of 'control measures' that need to be established. I agree, control measures do need to be put in place to stop the pariah users of the internet from committing felonies and malicious acts. These include: * Encryption * Firewalls * Checksumming * Anti-spyware, anti-malware&anti-virus programs These and many other methods of control offer solid protection to the users but, Members of the audience, inspite of the controls, the malicious ones still find a way to bypass the measures and put other innocent users at risk. My worthy opponents, I put it to you that the benefits of the internet cannot be diluted or eradicated in any way by such people. ...read more.

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