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describing the trafford centre

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Describing the Trafford centre A unique blend of aromas unbolted the automatic doors as a swarm of 'bees flew in to the summer sale. They were sniffing up the mixture of scents, to peek at the reduction of generous prices. Customers picked up affordable and quality clothes leaving behind unwanted stock dispersed around in Debenhams. A young lady in her early twenties with her tall, petite figure and blonde coloured; Long hair that swished side to side, prodded her way through the cramped crowds of animals. ...read more.


Rows of stores stood in a straight single line with outstanding banners stuck on the windows written in bold letters 'SALE'. Sunlight beamed in through the glass windows of the palace, shining down upon its people. The smell of freshly cooked doughnuts ran away in the open. A toddler was throwing a tantrum over a toy car; he deafened the crowd, who turned silent to glare at the child with rage. ...read more.


She added perfume to the sweat patches on her clothes to send of the smell. The way she scanned the items on her checker was done with accuracy but very swiftly. The way she talked was done with courtesy and respect. The way she approached the customers to help was very kind and caring. Her appearance showed her character and her wisdom. She worked with passion. The rush hour had become quieter, quieter and quieter. The place uttered silence as all the shutters locked their mouths. The consumers exited through the unbolted automatic doors. The lights switched off and darkness fell upon the building. ...read more.

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