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Description of Room one: The Bar

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Room one: The Bar I see red walls with dim brass lights on them, deep brownish red mahogany stools tables and chairs and a serving bar that's also made of mahogany. The floor is partially carpet or dark brown wooden flooring the carpet it self isn't dirty but stained and beaten, it looks old. The place stinks of cigars and strong alcohol. Behind the bar is the bartender wearing a little bow tie on a white shirt, wearing a big belt that is holding his black trousers up. He's wiping the surface clean with a white cloth. Mounted on the wall behind the bar is a shelf with a neat row of wine bottles, below it is another shelf where the clean wine and beer glasses are kept, the rest of the room is empty and the clock's ticking can be heard. Suddenly the bell above the door rang and through it come several men in all shapes and sizes all wearing black or brown suits with chains and shoes that shimmer in the dim light. Some have rings on almost each finger others have thick chains hanging from their necks over their shirts and one slim short man has a lot shiny pieces of metal and rock on his neck, wrist and fingers. One of the tall lean ones has a cigarette between his pale crusty lips; wheezing smoke through his nostrils so did one of the bulky men with ...read more.


The doors opened again and lone figure with two men far behind him appeared in the mist. The man was black and had an enormous shoulder length and a huge tree trunk sized arms to go with them. He was immensely built muscles on his chest and stomach he looked like a monster that was in a trance. The crowd was shouting, "Ooooooooooooo!" The host said through his mic, "please welcome, the 5 times champion, undefeated champion Carlos 'killa' Kramp weighing 15 1/2 stones at 5ft 11 and an amazing reach of 85 he comes from all the way from Chicago in Chicago town to defend his title!" He walked silently down isle and entered the ring, went to his corner and stood there staring at his opponent on the opposite corner, Ricky just starred back. I left. Room Three: The Office The room is just as dim as the bar I can make out see three men standing in the shaded side of the room. I can just make out there appearance, one is white the other is black and they are just as huge as the men carrying the suit cases but they were carrying pump action shot guns across their shoulder. They are wearing black suits with a shirt with a long collars and gold chains around their necks. ...read more.


"I'm getting' bored," said the man with the deep voice "What you want some action, Julian?!" said the man, breathing a little hard. He nodded and his mouth went wide and upwards and threw his right hand into his stomach. There was a moan and a creak then SNAPP! The chair broke because of the force of his punch. He stood looking amazed of his strength, looking at his companion that had his eyes wide open and pointing behind him. Too late. THUD! He stood swaying on his feet and then fell like a tree. Ricky had fallen on the floor and grabbed a chunk of the chair and with his tied up hands, swung at the back of Julian's head. The other man is trying to pull some thing out of his jacket and as he did, Ricky with both fists swung arms in to his face. He flew backwards instantly and fell on the hard on the tiled floor. Ricky was on his knees, breathing extremely heavily through his nose he lifted his left arm and pulled of the tape from his mouth his chest was going in and out slower now as he was re covering he undid the knots around his teeth biting and pulling furiously. He got to his feet and quickly limped to the basin he splashed water on his face getting rid of all the dried blood on his face. Put on his clothes put his hood up and climbed out through the window and disappeared into the night. ...read more.

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