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Descriptive Essay - From the surface of the Earth, the Deadline seemed far off into the distance

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´╗┐Title: An Underestimated Nemesis Composition Descriptive Essay 001819937 I have always struggled with my deadlines. Since high school I have been having all nighters almost every week. I still have yet to learn how to priorities my things. I procrastinate so much. To me time is like water that slips through my fingers, and deadlines are like invisible monsters hiding in the shadow. As the final deadlines were drawing closer, I shivered at the thought of having to go through another series of all nighters again. The Deadlines is a quiet and unpredictable monster, who hides in the shadowy realms of time and space, ready to kill unsuspecting preys at a moment's notice. From the surface of the Earth, the Deadline seemed far off into the distance. Ten hours ago, it was a faintly shimmering dwarf star dangling in the sky. ...read more.


A huge, circular and deep pit had formed in the heart of the woods. Sounds of demonic cries and inhuman howls echoed through the depths of the crater. I could sense the monster's anticipation and hunger, as it scuttled and rattled through the dense camouflage of trees and shadows. An impending sense of dread and adrenaline kicked into my body. I swallowed hard, tightened my fist and prepared to fight to the death. Nothing was going to stand in Deadline's way; it was hell-bent on my destruction. I was still in my house when it had finally arrived to the city. A giant silhouette had blocked out the moon, casting a blanket of darkness across the entire city. A monster growled my name, ?Pon!? I heard its thunderous footsteps approaching, and the sound of buildings and concrete crumbling beneath its feet. ...read more.


If only I had meticulously planned and prepare for Deadline's arrival, I would not have to go through another cycle of emotional turmoil and death. However, I never seem to learn my lesson. Because I always feel like I'm trapped in a video game. I may have been killed an infinite number of times but I was always revived back to life. As a result, I constantly feel compelled to not take deadlines seriously. Although I am aware of my problem, I simply can't find the solution. I am a victim trapped in a world where time is either untameable or irrelevant. As my lifeless body lies trapped beneath the rubble, I contemplate after how many reincarnation will I finally learn to take Deadline seriously. Sadly, my mind will discard the thought when the video game revives my inanimate body. When will I learn? Will physical death be final lesson I learn? ...read more.

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