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Descriptive Writing

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The Golden Penguin Asda seemed to have a fixed idea about fish; he was the best fisher in Salvbard, a frozen island at the north of the Earths pole. It was the harshest climate imaginable, fierce ice storms that could rip your skin off your face, only three hours of sunlight a day and the rest pitch black darkness. Was his brother; he watched as Asda waddled off into the distance, looking small as his flippers flipped against the crisp snow. He returned out of nowhere with his lucky fishing hat, its grey rubbery surface looked and smelt horrible. He found a dead seal and used its skin to make a hat, the same night when Asda went fishing he had caught fifty fish and now he never leaves without it. Ste knew where this was leading; he could see it in Asdas eyes, fish, fish, and fish! ...read more.


Ste didn't hear, he was too busy listening to Lordi on his iPod, swinging around his right flipper, mimicking the drum beat. "Hey, you listening to me?" said Asda, "Ste" he shouted, nudging Ste with his beak. "What?" replied Ste looking confused. "Never mind, I was just saying that I'm going to catch a hundred fish today" Asda said delightfully. "Yeh, whatever" replied Ste not interested. Asda loved to show off his fishing, bragged about it all day and night. It drove Ste mad. Then almost suddenly Ste stopped looking around, Asda didn't notice and kept going for a bit, still talking of how great he was at fishing. Asda looked back and saw Ste standing still, "Ste, Quit messing about, we've got to keep moving if we want to make it there and back by nightfall." he shouted back. ...read more.


ordered Asda, diving right in. Ste took out his iPod and put some Lordi back on, "Hardrock Hallelujah", his favourite song. Not noticing the truck parked up behind a pile of snow near him, Asda was still down under the ice, "What's taking him so long." wondered Ste, still oblivious to his surroundings. Then suddenly, the sound of a rifle rippled through the vast empty land of ice. Asda emerged some time later, "Right Ste, there's plenty of fish down there. Let's go." said Asda joyfully as he got out. He looked around for Ste, there was nothing but white for miles around. "Ste?" he said worryingly. Right below him Asda noticed some red thick substance, poked it with his flipper. "Looks like blood" he thought. "What had happened? Where was Ste?" now almost scared. He walked over to a patch of snow where he could hear something, "Hard Rock Hallelujah, Hard Rock Hallelujah". On the ice was Stes iPod - he never went anywhere without it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asadullah Haider English Coursework: Descriptive Writing Mrs Parker ...read more.

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