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Asadullah Haider        English Coursework: Descriptive Writing                        Mrs Parker

The Golden Penguin

Asda seemed to have a fixed idea about fish; he was the best fisher in Salvbard, a frozen island at the north of the Earths pole. It was the harshest climate imaginable, fierce ice storms that could rip your skin off your face, only three hours of sunlight a day and the rest pitch black darkness. Was his brother; he watched as Asda waddled off into the distance, looking small as his flippers flipped against the crisp snow. He returned out of nowhere with his lucky fishing hat, its grey rubbery surface looked and smelt horrible. He found a dead seal and used its skin to make a hat, the same night when Asda went fishing he had caught fifty fish and now he never leaves without it. Ste knew where this was leading; he could see it in Asdas eyes, fish, fish, and fish!

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“Want to go fishing?” asked Asda smiling. He was off to one of his crazy fishing trips and as always Ste would have to come along to make sure he didn’t do something to stupid or wonder off too far away from the igloo. As unusual as it was, Ste rather liked these trips. It was the only worthwhile thing to do for him in Salvbard, go out and catch some fish; better than anything he had planned anyway.

“Sure, nothing better to do in this boring place” said Ste. “Let me just go tell dad were heading out, I’ll ...

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