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Dickens and Wells create a sinister and supernatural

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English Coursework How do Dickens and Wells create a sinister and supernatural Atmosphere in the opening of The Signalman and The Red Room? Charles Dickens and H.G Wells create a sinister and supernatural atmosphere in the opening of their stories The SignalMan and The Red Room. The Red Room was written in 1894 by H.G Wells and The SignalMan was written n 1894 by Charles Dickens. The signal Man maintains a focus on steam engines which were developed in during the Industrial Revolution. This influenced Dickens' as a The SignalMan involved a character killed in a railway accident. He had also experienced a train being derailed at high speed in 1865. The Red Room mainly contains the Gothic genre elements which include dark gloomy colours, haunted rooms, superstition, previous deaths and curses. H.G Wells makes it very clear how ancient and old-fashioned everything in the castle is. He did not want the story to refer it to the year he was writing it in, so that he would explore the ageless nature of fear itself. Charles Dickens draw's the readers to the strange behaviour of The Signal Man. ...read more.


"Saw that he was a dark sallow man with a dark beard and rather heavy eyebrows". Here Dickens has described the The SignalMan in very deep detail. When Dickens says "sallow man" he is saying that the The Signal Man could be pale yellow colour or pale brown. Also light and dark imagery is used when describing The SignalMan. "He was a dark sallow man". By using light and dark imagery it makes it more tensing and mysterious as dark is known to be/described for something bad and light is described for happy events. However The SignalMan is described in dark imagery therefore it is giving us an idea that something mysterious is happening. In the Red Room H.G Wells also used strong adjectives to describe the decay of the pensioners. "More bent, more wrinkled, more aged ever than before". This is giving us the idea that the pensioners are getting worse than before as H.G Wells says "Even than the first". Also he describes them of having "decaying yellow teeth" which gives an impression and signs of old age. This gives it a bit more of a supernatural effect as there are old people in the castle and they have lived there for many years and still have not seen a ghost ever." ...read more.


It's that old that the doors hinges are breaking off and the doors creak. Wells also uses a lot of triplets "another age, an older age an age". He used triplets to give more impact on the story and also because if you use triplets it gives the reader the idea that it's something big or something that we need to know therefore it is repeated. In conclusion Charles Dickens and H.G Wells have used many and different techniques and ideas to create a sinister and supernatural atmosphere in the opening of The SignalMan and The Red Room. Both the authors were influenced by events which they had experienced as when Dickens saw a railway derailed at high speed therefore he wrote his story which included a character dying by the train. I think that both H.G Wells and Charles Dickens have done well on writing a sinister and supernatural atmosphere. However I think H.G Wells used more techniques and skills when describing the sinister and supernatural atmosphere. I think H.G Wells had a better idea when he was writing the The Red Room as his words were more vivid and they were stronger therefore I got a clearer picture of the The Red Room than the The Signal Man. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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