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Different Cultures: Cluster 2 Essay.

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Different Cultures: Cluster 2 Essay. The two poems I am to compare are Grace Nichols "Hurricane Hits England" a poem that shows that the whole world is one world and how a storm reminds a Caribbean woman of home. The author obviously misses her home country and feels it in the storm which she wrote about, the violence of the storm is harsh and causes some damage. The second poem, with which I will be comparing "Hurricane..." is Niyi Osundare's "Not my Business". This poem describes the violent and horrific nature in which the Nigerian Government treated those people who disagreed with the state. It describes the pain and suffering they forced upon these people and how the pain and suffering is then brought to the narrator. This poem is about shared responsibilities and the way that tyranny grows if no one opposes it. It is composed, simply, of three stories about victims of the oppressors, followed by the experience of the speaker in the poem, in which he has not done anything, but the fact that he knows makes him a target. The poet is Nigerian but the situation in the poem could be from many countries, there are words used like "yam", and the names of the people which tell you this. ...read more.


This perhaps shows that the writer is frantically thinking these things about the storm. The line, "My sweeping back home cousin." Personifies the actual storm itself as being a relation to her. As she feels it so deeply that she feels related to it. The next stanza begins with a peculiar sentence. The phrase, "Tell me why you visit An English coast?" starts off as an imperative, then it turns towards the end into a question. This suggests that she becomes more eager to know as the question goes on. Niyi Osundare uses words such as, "Picked" to make it seem as though the victim is not a living human being, but an object to be beaten and abused, along with the word stuffed, which suggests a clumsiness about his being put into the jeep. He also personifies the jeep with the word "Belly" This is personification which makes the reader associate the jeep with human instinct. The word "waiting" suggests that he was destined for this jeep and once again is also personification because of course, the jeep wouldn't actually be "waiting" for him. These personifications also , I thought, made it seem as though they regarded the well being of the jeep higher than a human life, because they use personification upon the jeep, whereas the human being itself is suggested as being an object. ...read more.


The fourth and final stanza contains no 'chorus'. This suggests that everything changes in the poem because everything in the man's life changes and ends, so indeed does the poem. The line, "A knock froze my hungry hand." Suggest that he is hungry but following this knock he is too terrified to eat. Fantastic emotive words such as "Froze" suggesting he was so shocked and worried that he simply couldn't move, are used in this last stanza and all through this poem. The last lines of this poem emphasise the confusion surrounding why they are there. The line, "The jeep was waiting on my bewildered lawn" is personification which suggests that no-one, not even his lawn, knows why it's happening. And then a repetition of the word "Waiting" makes it seem as though the men have to do a lot of waiting and that time maybe seems to go so slowly because of these things that are happening. Both of these poems are excellent at enforcing their own point in their own ways, "Hurricane..." through tactile emotional words and beautiful yet violent images of the storm, and "Not My Business." through blatant disregard for human life depicted through the eyes of a hunted man, who is hunted because he knows what is going on. All in all two excellent and well thought out poems, each with their own perfectly presented message. ...read more.

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