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Discursive writing assignment

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H/W Discursive writing assignment Introduction In this piece of discursive writing I will be explaining the good and bad points of video gaming. Video games have been out for a long time. They have been said to be out in the late 1950's but really nobody knows when video games were invented. Video games have had a huge impact to our human nature. Are video games a good or bad thing? It depends really they can be looked at in a bad way but also in a good way. Video games can be a good thing for children but also a bad thing it depends on how you view the evidence. Video games have boomed in the gaming industry and some video games more than others and we will see why. Video games have become an attraction in today's modern world and we will see why it has caught the eye for our entertainment. Computer games are very popular with young people, but they are also controversial. For example, some people argue that they are harmful to brain development, cause children to neglect reading and other social activities. Video games can encourage violent or anti-social behaviour. Other people claim that the games help to develop advanced thinking skills and are often played with other people rather than alone. What is the truth of the matter? Research published in 2000 shows that computer games are damaging brain development and could lead to children being unable to control violent behaviour. ...read more.


Students who had played Wolfenstein 3D blasted their opponent longer and louder on such trials than students who had played Myst. Female students blasted their opponents longer and louder on all trials than male students. This concludes that females can be more aggressive than males. Children who become addicted to computer games may actually be more intelligent than the average and go on to university and higher-ranking jobs, according to a home office research review publish. Some gaming Geeks got into good schools and got very good jobs well over average. Video games can be encouraging to people with certain sicknesses like eczema, as instead of scratching you can keep your hands busy. Video games help distract you from your illness for an example cancer. A British Medical Journal reported that children suffering from cancer and other severe conditions were actually distracted from their pain by videogames under test conditions. Mark Griffiths, professor of gambling studies at Nottingham Trent University, said that patients distracted by games had "less nausea and lower systolic blood pressure than control patients (who were simply asked to rest) after treatment. An eight year-old boy who continually picked at his face, leading to scarring on his upper lip. "Previous treatments had failed so the boy was given a hand held video game to keep his hands occupied. After two weeks the affected area had healed." So this means that video games can help to distract you from illnesses. ...read more.


Either the parents didn't look after them well or they didn't like their childhood. The video games probably had a small impact on the two boys but not a lot. As a parent would you like your children to be addicted to drugs or video games? I think I'll go for the video games. Video games can keep you away from teen mischief. Instead going around in gangs egging people's houses you could stay in your house away from mischief. Some video games are educational and others distract you from your illnesses. Adults should also keep some restrictions for time out to do other things. Adults should also encourage their kids but should tell them the dangers of playing it for a long time. I think video games are perfectly safe as long as you know how to use them correctly and stick to the age restrictions. Video gaming is very similar to watching a violent movie except that you are controlling it instead of just sitting and watching. The two boys Eris Haris and Dylan Klebold could have been interested in violent movies which are realistic. I also think that video games are good for hand and eye coordination and the education games are very good for young people to develop their skills, which could come in handy in the future. Video games can be violent or pleasant but can be used in the correct way to make sure you enjoy yourselves. By Samuel Joseph ...read more.

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