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Discuss the dramatic significance of Act III Scene I.

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Discuss the dramatic significance of Act III Scene I. Romeo and Juliet is one of the best 'Tragic Love' plays ever written in the opinion of many. But others do not see this play for all that it is; a dramatic impacted script, based on two star-crossed lovers who were passionate about each other in the Elizabethan era. The plays' biggest role is fate, which helps to explain the star-crossed love aspect. The whole play is based in a week of typical lives of the Elizabethans. Shakespeare turned this subject from nothing special, to something spectacular. The objective of this essay is to show the dramatic significance of the romance and tragedy of this work of art. The play made William Shakespeare very famous in his early days as a play write. Act III Scene I of the performance, is one in which the character and plot turn around from their earlier roles. This scene contains the highest dramatic points in the entire play and they provide huge amounts of anticipation to the audience's minds in the actions following. The verbal communication in the play was used as a substitute to the special effects, which were not available in the period of time that the play was first staged. ...read more.


In this scene the audience can discover the types of love which Shakespeare wants his characters to experience. The two main characters already are experiencing true love by this point in time in the play, they encountered this from late in Scene I. In Act III Scene I every man is trying to fend for themselves and their others, this is where 'revenge' kicks in tough; Tybalt was looking for Romeo for the episode in the Capulet Manor. But Mercutio is slain by Tybalt, which makes Romeos love for his family modify to disgust and he turns and kills his fresh wife's cousin. The hatred between the two families later kills their adored children. The lives of both Romeo and Juliet could have been saved, if only the ancient feud was settled earlier. "O, I am fortune's fool" Throughout the whole play the responsibility of 'fate' would have to rule over all the themes, Romeo and Juliet were the original star-crossed lovers as the prologue at the beginning of the play states, people in the Elizabethan period were weary of the stars and what they told them. It was said if the two persons stars in question were crossed they would under no circumstances remain as a pair. ...read more.


In Baz Lurmen's version of this production he uses the lack of stage directions in the fight scene well he stages it on a beach, Lurmen uses the effects of water to help create a dramatic atmosphere, we notice this from early in the film as Romeo and Juliet's first sighting is through a water filled aquarium. Later on in this act, they meet again and fall into a water filled pool to hide the fact that the two rival families were talking in a loved-up manor. The fight scene included waves crashing against Mercutio's corps and the rain falling on Tybalt when Romeo had killed him. In a sense this method does give away clues to the plot in the story, but this is not relevant as from the outset it is known to the entire plays plot. These factors lead back to both dramatic irony and fate. This scene is the most dramatic out of all of the others because it includes all the dramatic elements I have mentioned and the fighting obviously affects the rest of the story with Romeo getting banished. No other scene include as many dilemmas or dramatic elements. Discuss the dramatic significance of Act III Scene I. Janine Slater 13th November 2002 English Coursework: Romeo and Juliet Act III Scene I ...read more.

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