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Discuss the Leadership Qualities of Piggy, Ralph and Jack As Presented In the Opening Two Chapters of ‘the Lord of the Flies’.

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DISCUSS THE LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF PIGGY, RALPH AND JACK AS PRESENTED IN THE OPENING TWO CHAPTERS OF 'THE LORD OF THE FLIES' When William Golding introduce the three main characters of the first two chapters, they seem to be stuck on an unknown island with no adults to look after them. Ralph, Piggy and Jack are their names. Ralph is a fair-minded boy who is ready for action. He is very wise as he often comes up with good ideas. He is immature compared to Piggy. Piggy is more determined and eager. In chapter one, he is very eager to find any other living being on the island. When Jack comes into the story you find that he is very aggressive and quite competitant. He is not fair-minded the way Ralph is and he is eager to be a chief and take charge of things. Through the essay I will discuss the leadership qualities of the three characters and I will argue that none of the them are capable of being a good leader on their own, but if they were to work together then maybe they could reach some succession... Ralph, who is one of the three main characters, is the first person to be introduced on the island. ...read more.


I think that maybe they're more on the mature and serious side. After Ralph is introduced in the story as 'the boy with fair hair', Piggy comes into the story. He makes his entrance by calling to Ralph. ' "Hi!" it said, "Wait a minute!"' This quote indicates that Piggy wants to get noticed by Ralph. This shows that Piggy likes to be noticed although in the story this does not happen many times. Unlike Ralph, Piggy is more determined and eager, so a leader should be because I think that determination is what mostly brings people to success. In the first chapter Piggy is very eager to find anyone else living on the island. He comes up with different ways in which to manipulate Ralph into helping him do so. '"I expect there's a lot more of us scattered about"'. When Piggy and Ralph find the conch, Piggy comes up with a very good idea to call the others. He told Ralph to blow in it. This is a sign that Piggy does have a good leadership quality: he can come up with good ideas, like Ralph. Piggy is also very kind and friendly. ...read more.


'Jack grinned back'. It seems that Jack can smile and does not always hold a posh look. He is also quite funny as he can make people laugh. '"Shut up fatty!"' You have to be able to make someone laugh because this means that if someone is feeling down, you could make him or her feel better by making him or her laugh. I don't think that Jack will be a very good leader if he is chosen as one because he has not got many good leadership qualities as it is. I think that the following words describe him best: Dictatorial, impulsive, aggressive and dominant, arrogant, cruel, envious and red headed. As I have now explained the positive and negative leadership qualities that each of the three main characters has, I have finally come to a conclusion. I have decided that none of the three characters, Ralph, Piggy and Jack could make a good leader on their own. I think that if they work together and not have an individual leader then maybe they could achieve some success and come up with good ideas together. If you put all their positive leadership qualities together then you come up with one ever so good leader. If I were to re-write the whole story again, I would put that all three of them are leaders together! ...read more.

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