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Discuss the Pros and Cons of Festivals and Fairs.

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Hamza Khalif 10E Control Assessment Festivals are cultural celebrations that take place all around the world. People from different ethenic groups celebrate with traditional food and amusements . Popular festivals such as sport, music and food are common for fun loving people and many festivals are international festivals are a good thing as they bring people together from different places to enjoy common interests. They do have some cons however as, crimes like theft and issues like noise pollution and missing children do maniple themselves. One of the major concerns regarding festivals and fairs are the disruption to the local area. Disruption such as noise pollution litter, car lights which beam into people housing windows and even graffiti on peoples walls. This causes a great disruption on the neighbours. A local resident named John Taylor said ?I can?t even sleep at night because of the flashing lights and noise coming from the fair?. Another neighbour also complained that there was graffiti sprayed on his or hers property. Additionally, another issue which is a common problem is overcrowding. ...read more.


Materials - Every festival is different and will require a different format of your film, if accepted. Consider the time, cost and technical difficulties of making up various DVDs and tapes. In reality, festivals and fairs are good thing; they provide good clean food as well as good service of security. It is a safe place to enjoy yourself with some crimes but often dealed with. Neighbourhood won?t raise a have no problem of the situation of that event. The festival and fairs are one of the most popular carnivals around the world as known today. Many in which people love to get job as there is plenty of space provided for people who are seeking for it. In my opinion I believe that festivals and fairs are a good programme for family or friends to enjoy themselves and for other to have fun. Here are list of pros: Meet Your Heroes - Festivals are a great place to connect with filmmakers and artists that you admire - especially niche festivals. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your work seen and judged by the people you look up to. ...read more.


Now lets set that Aside from the need for an armchair and a buggy to transport us around the site when the going got tough we haven't found anything about the acts or the organisation to moan about. Not having anywhere near enough time to see and do all that we wanted and missing out on so much because there were tough decisions and choices to be made all weekend is about as close as we can get. I believe that festivals and fair are there for the people who want to have fun , no one else if your thinking about aliens. If you?re sitting there not doing nothing at home well it?s time for you to experience something new in the outside world. I believe that festivals and fairs are good way of celebrating in the time of year. A way of meeting other people you haven?t met before in your life. Celebration is one the important things around our world including today or the next year. If you believe that there was no festivals around the world, how would you be able to cope if there was not a such thing about it?. ...read more.

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