Pros and Cons of Modelling

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The Pros and Cons of Modeling

It is undeniable that, modeling has become one of the most sought after career options for many youngsters as it is one of the most thrilling and lucrative profession. The tremendous changes taking place in the fashion industry have given a spurt of rise to the modeling jobs all over the world. Especially in today’s world where fashion industry is succeeding and had made modeling an attractive career. This modeling can be classified into ramp modeling, television modeling and print modeling. As all of us knew, models are used to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage. For instance, the image in the picture shows that models are used to advertise the Guess brand which is an America’s clothing line brand. Models are required to appear sexy and seductive to make the brand popular. Hence; it is proven that models had played huge role in the success of Guess brand as well as other brands. But moving closer, have ever wondered how a life of a model would be?

To start off with, there are several advantages of being a model. Whereby, fame and fortune can be gained easily. Especially, Models with pleasant personality and the right attitude or in other word, appealing intellectual qualities will be very well known in a short period of time in the modeling career. To explain further, ramp models gets the chance to work for famous designers or for reputated fashion companies will be known internationally. For example, Katrina Kaif a famous ex model and currently a Bollywood star started of her career as a model. Whereby she started modeling in the age of 14 in London by walking in the ramp with some top designers of the country. Since then, she is very successful and known worldwide for her appealing personality.

 In addition, if one signs with a reputable agency, he or she can make a good income. Normally a model is paid well if the first shoot succeeds. Besides wearing fabulous designers clothes, shoes and accessories for free they tend to live a luxurious life .For example, they tend to buy fancy cars, expensive clothes and mansions. This can be proven by the world’s richest model; Gisele Bundchen that earns 33 million in a year, followed by Kate moss 9 million and Heidi Clum 8 million. For instance, Gisele Budchen currently stays in her mansion that is 20 million dollar.

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Undoubtedly, modeling a glamorous field also offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet various class of people as it a part of their job. Models will get the opportunity to stay in exotic locations and even live abroad. They also get to shoot in beautiful locations in exotic places like Africa desserts, the North Pole, Australia and around the globe. They will also be placed with other models for several weeks, months or even as long as a year., which eventually increase their sociality level and get to know people from all walks of life.Basically,their assignments provide a diverse social ...

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