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Discuss the tale “Tony Kytes, The arch deceiver” by Hardy. Show how he develops character and humour by his use of language.

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Discuss the tale "Tony Kytes, The arch deceiver" by Hardy. Show how he develops character and humour by his use of language. Hardy's use of language portrays humour and, also introduces and develops characters. We can tell from the start the tone is that of a light hearted one. We can tell that Tony Kytes is the centre of village gossip, as the Carter knows a lot about him. The following quote shows Tony is a womaniser and an arch deceiver "He was quite the woman's favourite, and in return for their likings he loved 'em in shoals." From this you would automatically presume he was extremely attractive but Carter goes on to tell us other wise " 'Twas a little, round, firm, tight face, with a seam here and there left by the smallpox. The Carter finds it amusing that he has not physically matured " And there was no more than a sign of a whisker or beard on Tony Kytes face than on the palm of my hand. Tony made the woman laugh by singing " He used to sing the ' The Tailor's Breeches' with a religious a manner, as if it were a hymn:- 'o the petticoat went off, and the breeches went on!' ...read more.


Tony drives on until he is by the roadside cottage. Hannah who is waiting at the window tosses her head and smiles at Tony. Hardy shows the humour of the situation as Tony loses control yet again. "Well aren't you going to be civil enough to ask me to ride with you!" she says. This shows Hannah is much bolder and more forward than Milly. Tony tells Hannah that her though she was staying in the house. Hannah replies by saying she was just stopping on her way home, so Tony has no choice but to take her onboard. "Tony feels a dim sort of sweat riding up inside his clothes" the Carter would have found this highly amusing as he is being overtaken by panic. Hannah was sitting next to Tony and he is becoming very cautious, as he is petrified of being caught. Hannah begins to manipulate Tony just as Unity did. Hannah looks straight into Tony's eyes and talks to him. The more this continued the more Tony realised he liked Hannah, more than both Unity and Milly. " He couldn't for the life of him think why he had ever said a word about marriage to Milly or Unity while Hannah was in the question" They spoke tenderly to each other and moved closer together. ...read more.


Hannah left with her father and Tony turns to Unity and asks her if she will marry him. Unity says, "Take her leavings? Not I!...I'd scorn it" and she also walked away. The Carter would have found this humorous, as not only has Tony been found out, but also two women have turned him down. This leaves Tony and Milly by themselves, she is crying and he looks like a tree struck by lightening. So Tony says that fate has brought them together, and that he did not mean what he had said to Unity and Hannah. This makes Tony a deceiver because he did mean what he had said, and portrays Milly as a weak character for taking him back. They then kissed and they righted the wagon and rode home together. They married the following Sunday and almost everyone in Longpuddle was there. The humour in the story was achieved by Hardy in not only making Tony lose control and try to regain it, but also due to the coincidence that all three women were on the same stretch of road, at the same time. In conclusion, the story is light hearted and the title is justifiable by Tony's behaviour and actions. Each of the women were different and the characters were evoked in different ways to highlight Tony's character. ...read more.

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