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Do video games make you violent?

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Do video games make you violent? This half-term (3rd November-19th December) we have been working towards a discursive essay about violent video games. We have researched several cases and added our own account / opinion of the effects on ourselves. In a few cases there have been kids that play a certain violent video game and have gone on massacres and rampages. Firstly I will talk about many kids with bad cases, and then I will give cases of good effects and finally my own opinion. In West Paducah, Kentucky, United States of America about 11 years ago, Monday December 1st 1997 a boy, aged 14, named Michael Carneal, opened fire at a group of praying students killing 3 girls and wounding 5 others. This took place at Heath High School in Kentucky in America; the first victim was a freshman aged 14 named Nicole Hadley she lived for 12 hours and 45 minutes after several shots from the boy. ...read more.


Businesses that sell or hire computer games were then asked to remove existing stocks of the game shelves immediately; this message was sent out by Des Clark, the director of the government-funded classification board. It was finally made impossible to buy in the country and it was impossible for underage kids to get their hands on it as this is how the commotion started. This next story also consists of both Grand Theft Auto and Australia. Shortly before the long-awaited release of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) in Australia received news from the British Board of Film Classification leaked details of the offensive/ explicit actions that players could perform in Grand Theft Auto IV. Then Rockstar North revealed that they were then releasing a heavily edited version of Grand Theft Auto was being released and set to make its debut in Australia. It released later and hit the stores rated MA15+ but they would like to bring it up to a R18 next year. ...read more.


Also people say that playing video games is being unsocial or unsociable, but in fact you can play online whether it is an XBOX 360, a Playstation 3, a Nintendo Wii or your PC. You can also build up many other skills. In my opinion I feel that people have been "low-blowing" computer/video games for a long time, I think this is because most of them are old people who never had the opportunity to play a video game. I myself having gotten my hands on violent games and completed Grand Theft Auto IV am sort of in two minds about this argument violent video games have been bad in some cases but in most they provide a 'second life' to kids, when controlling a protagonist in a game. It also enhances children's imagination when they play because they like to imagine that they are driving that car or they are big and strong like that man/woman. Kids can also build up skills on games like Guitar Hero or Rockband where they have to play musical instruments to progress in the game. ...read more.

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