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Don't Get Me Started On... Spiders

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´╗┐Don?t Get Me Started On Spiders I absolutely hate spiders. In the whole wide world there?s nothing other than spiders that I hate the most (apart from cockroaches ? of course). Spiders terrify me just by looking at them from a distance. They?re these horrible, hairy bloodsucking creatures. Despite being a huge animal lover (meaning that I like mainly dogs, cats, etc) I don?t, never have or ever will like spiders. They just make my skin crawl every time I see them. It could even be pitch black in a room but I can still feel the presence of an unwanted horrible animal. One day while I was at home I couldn?t believe it when I found a massive spider in the living room. ...read more.


As soon as the pressure from your foot goes onto the spider and you pick your foot back up again there?s the spider, pressed against the floor all out of life. UGH!! Another terrible encounter with a spider was while I was washing my hands in a bathroom in a restaurant. I came across this humongous spider just crawling around on the floor. At first I didn?t really notice but after dropping my phone on the floor I saw this weird looking creature ? the spider ? inches away from my phone. I grabbed it quicker than you would think and headed for the door. Whilst I was trying to get pass the spider it seemed as if it kept following me. ...read more.


OH MY GOD! It?s just great! Just wonderful! Terrific! The stupid spider finds no other place but your own head of hair to land on. That?s not even half the story. The most embarrassing thing is when you start jumping up and down like a lunatic on the loose. I just hate the look random people, who you don?t even know, give to you. Nevertheless it does get the atrocious thing out of your hair ? but you still have to sit there with that yucky feeling in your hair (until you wash it of course). And, AND on top of all of that to know the fact that human beings ? actual people have these things as pets is unbelievable. How could any normal human be able to live with a spider on the loose in their own house? I just will never know. ...read more.

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