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Dont Get Me Started On Public Transport

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´╗┐Oh my God, where to start? Everybody who has used some sort of public transport has Not liked it should be banned or made better Take a bus for example, it has many seats and a lot of space and you're greeted by the Worlds happiest, smiley and carefree driver (HA I wish!), instead you are crammed into a Jam packed bus with a stuck up and stubborn old grumpy and uncooperative driver who needs To stop every so often for a cigarette or drink and daily shopping because he doesn't have To go to work, he is already at work! Making the rest of us late for exams, school, work And LIFE! After dealing with the first hurdle you might think you can rest but oh no! ...read more.


their 'mates' and shouting down the phone, jumping Around, singing and dancing acting irresponsible and carefree thinking they are some how Better than everyone and behave however they wish. Then once the animals of the night leave the bus they leave their chewing Gum and drinks under the chairs I wouldn?t go anywhere near the back. Another form of public transport is the train, now I haven't been on a train much, I?ve Been on it three times in one day but hopefully that would have been the first and last Time I travel on them, because if you have been on a train in a capital city around the Lunch hour or around 3pm you will find that the main trains are so packed you are Literally touching against each other Also having people coughing/sneezing on you ...read more.


group of business Men got on the train but couldn't reach the bar so they stretched over releasing their Deadly body odour everywhere for the public to smell. This was one Experience I cannot forget, it was long, annoying and uncomfortable. The next public transport is the taxi, the good old fashion taxi with a very moody and Grumpy large taxi driver who has a cigarette in one hand, beer in the other and music Which isn?t even in English, great? And to make things worse the seats are tacky, wet, Have stains and smells of vomit and to top it all off if you don't have the right amount Of money and need change of the driver he takes an eternity to count the money and find Some change which is annoying, pointless and very time consuming. ...read more.

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