Dont get me started on... SLANG

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Monday 26th November 2012                    

Don’t get me started on.............

Don’t get me started on... SLANG

It’s humiliating, irritating, outrageous and meaningless or more like beyond the pale. It symbolizes my aspect of hatred. What do you think?

Slang is a playground language.
Like little boys used to make up at school, little secret niche words, but these numbnuts have not left it in the playground.

“Cuz”  “dunna”  “yah”  “na”, STOP. STOP.  I mean this is absolutely insane. This simply breaks the law of grammar, creating another language, and brings disgrace to the word ENGLISH.

Most of the country cannot spell or speak English so what hope has slang       got?

The problem is, that there are too many numbnuts who now use slang as their main language and know no different.

The same type of numbnuts, find it impossible to separate reality from fiction.

Their slang language is a marginalised fictional world used by mainly gangs, and also by the occassional Muppet BBC DJ, it has an essential gangland "bruvers" dialect.

All they have to do is basically open their mouths and they advertise the fact they are numbnuts.

Well in my point of view wouldn’t it be more mature if you speak proper English I mean do they even exist in the world’s dictionaries? NO, because they aren’t words and have no definitions.

Join now!

The possibility for someone to respect a person speaking proper English is higher than someone speaking slang. It would be easily misinterpreted as rude. Do you even have the right to call yourself English well “slangish” is more likely appropriate for you.  

Slang sounds like kids struggling to pronouns their new words or more like lunatic chickens grousing.

Well i see that as laziness shortening your words into despicable features. “Cuz i aint bovered” is not going to make any difference.

Slang destroys the link between generations cutting off all ties connected. People are unconsciously digging their own ...

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