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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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"Dr Jekyll && Mr Hyde" Essay Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson and first published in 1886. It is about a London lawyer who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, and Dj Jekyll's evil half Edward Hyde. The work is known for its vivid showing of a split personality. Today, the very phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" has come to signify wild behaviour. Everybody has two sides of them, good and evil. Some people show a majority of one side. Good people may repress their evil side as an act to save face. Dr Jekyll was a kind man who you could see by his looks that he cherished a sincere and warm affection. Being a successful doctor, he had a high status, a lot of wealth and a good circle of friends. ...read more.


He is said to be, "A large well-made, smooth faced man of fifty." From this you can straight away say how different he is from Mr Hyde, who is the complete opposite because, unlike Dr Jekyll, he was dwarfish, hunched over and hairy, his appearance showing many signs of raw animalism. Whereas Dr Jekyll, Shows all the signs off a stereotypical Doctor. Dr Jekyll was a respected member of the community. He was a kind of abstract doctor in the way he attempted to explore new theories, yet he still had a good circle of friends and a high status. He was a kind man, held pleasant dinners at his home. His actions with science where often contradicted, but that never stopped him, he was a very determined man, didn't give up if his first attempt was a failure. ...read more.


There is not one person in this novella that I have understood to think any other way towards Mr Hyde than him being looked upon as evil. All people have mentioned about a certain deformity that they cannot place their finger upon, or that they extremely disliked Hyde from the moment they saw him, yet they scarce know why. Mr Hyde, when you think of it this way, cannot really be classed as a member of their society, as, there isn't anybody that socialises with him at all. People rarely even see the man. R.L Stevenson's "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" has explored the issue of the duality of human nature in his novel by showing that, unlike many fiction stories; the evil side overcomes the good side. This may come as a shock as you always believe things will work out right in the end. ...read more.

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