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Drama Log.

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Drama Log Tuesday, 24th September '02 On this day we decided who would go in a group with whom. We then chose our favourite scene, Act II scene V, the box hedge scene when Malvolio discovers the letter. After we had decided on this scene we decided that the whole scene was too long for four so we cut it down, starting at Line 21 when Malvolio enters and finishing when Malvolio opens the letter from Maria. The casting was decided upon; Vicky was to play Malvolio as we agreed that she was the best actress among us and was the main character in this scene and probably the hardest character to play too; Katy played Sir Andrew as he was her first choice; Cate was to play Fabian as she thought he had the smallest part and she does not enjoy acting; and I was to play Sir Toby as nobody else wanted too and I did not mind! When we had given out the parts we read through the scene a few times. Apart from this we did not really discuss anything more to do with how we might act the scene or anything of this nature however we may have discussed how we might speak our parts. Wednesday, 25th September '02 Today we rehearsed our scene - on the stage as it were. ...read more.


Our group practised twice on the landing outside the drama studio and then we practised a third time where would be performing - using the bar. After we had all practised our scenes we met where the first group would be performing at a set time, on the steps outside the English classroom between there and the dining hall. This was the earliest scene in the play - out of the scenes, which the groups had chosen to perform. This group was Belle and Jenny. They performed Act I Scene ii, the scene in which we are introduced to Viola and are also told of her twin brother who she thinks is lost at sea and assumes is dead. Viola is told about the island of Illyria by the Captain and therefore resolves to dress as a boy and offer her services to Orsino, a rich noble of the island. Jenny played Viola and Belle played the Captain. The way in which the two of them performed the scene was light and very amusing and I thought it was done really well. I also really liked the way that Jenny and Belle used the levels of the steps and the slope next to the slope in the height as this scene is set on a ship. ...read more.


Which went well except that at the one point I peeked around the pillar it was my line and so I was late coming into my line, but luckily I don't think that many people noticed, we could have used the "box hedge" better by popping up when we read our lines and popping up more often from behind the bar. Vicky played really well as Malvolio as she appeared to not hear us say our lines at all in her acting and looked really wistful for Olivia too. I also thought that Katy was funny as Sir Toby as she portrayed his annoyance at Malvolio well. After our scene Emma (W.), Beth, Issie, Sophie and Rose performed their scene. They did the scene where Olivia drags Sebastian off to marry her and intervenes, as Toby is about to strike out at him. Rose played Sebastian and I think that she pulled off his confusion and how stunned Sebastian would have been really well too. Sophie played Olivia, Issie - Sir Andrew, Emma (W.) - Feste and Beth played Sir Toby. After each scene was performed we said what we thought of how each group and acted it and interpreted it and after we had all performed our scenes we went back to the classroom and spoke about what we thought of each scene and what we enjoyed about each of them etc and suggested ways that we could have made them better. Lilleth Booth ...read more.

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