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Drama portfolio - Our year eleven drama coursework classes have been studying a play written by Willy Russell called Blood brothers.

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Drama portfolio Our year eleven drama coursework classes have been studying a play written by Willy Russell called Blood brothers. Throughout studying blood brothers in our workshop, I have been able to dig beneath the surface of the issues and relate with the characters thoughts and feelings. I have also been able to interpret the text by acting it out on Nemours occasions thus making it easier for me to understand the text. We have discussed in depth the moral issues and how the text can be communicated through the medium and the elements of drama. The themes explored were rich vs. poor, and the issue of nature vs. nurture. One area I found difficult was to use the Liverpool accent effectively when this was a key part of the play. The play was essentially a social comedy, but it was partially a tragedy also, both the comedy and tragedy themes kept the audience on the edge of their seats. I thought the show was excellent and it definitely fulfilled the high expectations I had of it. ...read more.


We used role play firstly to learn more about certain scenes in the play. One scene we chose was when we got into pairs and acted out the scene where Sammy convinces Mickey to do the robbery. We used a range of tactics to ensure this, I was Sammy and I convinced Mickey to this by using reverse sociology, name calling, violence and force. I learnt from this that Mickey really didn't want to commit the crime he just needed the money. We had a group discussion to emphasize why Mickey committed the crime and we came up with ideas like he needed the money, Linda would like him better, no one would be injured and he didn't think he would get caught. Role play also links in to the work we were doing in the courtroom scene. This is where we were all given a character and we were then questioned by the prosecutor about our attitudes to others. I was Edward and I had a hard role but I think I succeeded to the full of my potential. ...read more.


I was questioned about what I got for Christmas. I fidgeted like a child would do and replied "a bike" in a happy voice, but when I was asked about the color of the bike the tone of my voice changed and I said " orange, I wanted red" this reflects spoilt childlike behavior. I now realize the challenges facing the professional actors who performed at plays such as Mark Hutchinson and Stephen Palfreman who play Edward and Mickey. In conclusion I think Blood Brothers highlights the entire social context throughout the play. Willy Russell also makes it clear between the issue of rich and poor and status and dominance. Throughout using the explorative strategies such as freeze frame, marking the moment, hot seating, cross cutting, narration, and role play it has been much easier and has helped me to completely understand the text completely. The strategies also help us to relate to the characters and understand the themes and issues presented. We see from the start of the play how Mickey was destined to be the miserable one, and Edward seemed to have everything given to him because of his mother's wealth. However both of the twins end up tougher in a tragic ending. By Colin finnerty ...read more.

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