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Dramatic Monologue - A View From A Bridge

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Dramatic Monologue - 'A View From A Bridge' Black, black, black, that is all I can see. My cold, legs froze as I attempted to walk forward through the icy mist of the darkness. The darkness didn't frighten me, my eyes focused on the beam of light that reflected of the tips of my shoes. To take my mind off the thought of being alone, I closed my eyes, and thought of what I could be here for. I continued to close my eyes but the idea of being alone made it hard to concentrate. The air around me felt lifeless, I clenched my fist, to give me the feeling as if someone else was here with here with me. I could only hear the accelerated speed at which my heart was beating. ...read more.


Back home, in Sicily, I once had dreams of coming to America and living the American dream, which the people of my village used to speak of. But being the oldest it was hard to be positive, and living in house for 3 with a family of 8 didn't help either. My village was poor because of the war so it made it harder for people to find work. While my father worked during the day, as a fisherman, I and the other children played in fields behind my house. The feelings I experienced playing in the fields were nothing like feelings I felt at home. I laid on my back, head pumping as though I had been trying to study last minute for a test. The gash on my chest, which was oddly shaped like an ear, was stinging under the pressure of my shirt. ...read more.


It was wrong, the feelings I felt for her that is the reason I'm here. I was supposed to look after her not fall in love with her. The jealousy I felt when I saw her with Rodolfo drove me to become this way it was the thought of her being taken away from me really got to me. But I can't put the blame on him. It was me. All me. I laid back on my back, closed my eyes and laid completely still. If I was to wake and find myself in the pits of hell I wouldn't be surprised. But if I were to wake up, wrapped in the arms of my love, I would take my own life then and there. So that my family could live on happy and not have to worry about how I could screw up their lives. This is the gift I give to you, my family a life to live without the thought of me. Ian Harding ...read more.

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