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Educating Rita.

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Educating Rita Educating Rita is a book based on a character in an Open University. The university is in northern England and the main purpose of the play is to make aware the changes the characters undergo during their time in the university. Willy Russell, the author created the character Rita to be simple yet complicated in some ways. She is capricious, in both her movements and her speech. If I was to stage the direction of a play like Educating Rita, the first thing or question that would come to my mind would be "How has Rita changed throughout the play?" Bearing that question in mind, my first scene to direct would be Act 1 scene 1. In this particular scene, the audience are yet to get familiar with the character. I chose this scene specifically because it involves the audience; it makes them aware and keeps them involved in the story. Rita is a character that sets out to shock, she does not stand in ceremony and in my direction, and I will try as often as I can to portray these qualities. In this scene, Rita comes across to be a working class girl with a northern accent. ...read more.


Rita is developing some more self-confidence and I believe this is very significant because it has effects on her style. In this scene, I would like my actress to dress up in new second hand clothes. I will also recommend some elegant and more up to date clothes. Rita is undergoing some changes in her character; I will suggest that the actress moves more slowly and in control of her steps. Rita is a self-doubting character and she believes that any change that occurs in her life, like going back to school should to be accompanied by a physical change; this with Rita means changing her appearance to suit her present status as an Open University student. She is now becoming accustomed to her surroundings and she being the easily influenced character she is, thinks it's only natural to change her looks in order to blend in with the rest of the university. Rita is still unpredictable on everything and her movements inclusive. She can be very fidgety and curious. She moves almost everywhere and anywhere and gestures quite a lot. Rita is back from summer school, and to her, that is another big step that requires some change in character. ...read more.


By Act 2 Scene 7, Rita no longer lives with Trish, Rita with the help of Frank has come to understand that the best anyone can be is their self and since Trish tried to kill herself, Rita came to the conclusion that not everyone's life is perfect. She has now dropped Trish's accent and has returned to being the old Rita. At this stage, I would like the actress to be wearing neat new black trousers and a stylish and glamorous blouse. I would like Rita's hair to be in a neat bun and her movement systematic. The audience have seen the changes that Rita underwent, as the director, I have tried to get the audience to sympathise with Rita because she just wants to get on with her life. She is scared of hurting people and is tied between her new self and Frank; all she wants to do is attain her self-confidence and try to gain what she had missed out on whilst growing up. Rita's character has undergone some physical and intellectual changes trough out the play. This however has made some significant changes in her character. She has learnt the beauty of self-appreciation, and values the more important things in life apart from image. She has gradually upgraded herself from being fidgety, inquisitive and insecure to being elegant, confident and educated. Jainaba (Jai) Manneh 10 JB Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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