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'Educating Rita'.

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Thursday 9th October 20003 Nafiso Abdulle 'Educating Rita' Educating Rita was written by Willy Russell. It was set in Northern England in 1985. Rita is a literature student at the Open University was opened to the public 1960's as the way of enabling adults, like Rita to have a chance to go to the university which they were not able to do at the age of eighteen. The play is set at the Open University grounds and during these tutorials sessions is when Rita is introduced to us. Rita is on the search to gain confidence and an education. This is to be hard journey as her background education was poor. She grew up in an area where education was poor and not token seriously. Education was objected to 'by your mates, by your family, by everyone'. This emphasises that as a young student she was unable to take education into account as it was something which was not valued within her cultural background. As she didn't start her path in education soon enough before secondary she would been able to enrol in brighter career paths. ...read more.


He is exactly what she wants to be. Towards the end of Act One we can see Rita is already beginning to change as she starts to understand literature and the books frank refers to. Rita begins to feel a 'hunger for literature'. She also begins to have an interest in theatre productions as she refers to seeing Macbeth as 'bleeding great....it was fantastic' this is when she starts to change her attitude towards her course not wanting to 'dump it in all together' anymore, but rather wanting to achieve having learnt literature, also her movement has changed as at first she had been very fidgety and would walk around the room. 'Don't you just sit down when you walk into a room' this statement has taken a turn as she has started to sit down and just get on with her course. The words Rita uses to express her enthusiasm for Macbeth happens when she is telling Frank about her day out she uses an extract from the play she watched '...out, out brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow. ...read more.


He feels that he wants the old Rita with her original approach to literature. Frank compares Himself to 'Mary Shelley' who wrote 'gothic number called Frankstein' to emphasise that the changes to her under his influenced was not for the best he believes she has become a monster. Rita on the other hand feels she is 'educated' and has changed herself for the better instead of buying a new a dress. 'I'm not the little girl once use to hop on your lap bambie eyed I'm educated now' At the end of the play Willy Russell brings the two characters back together to show that Rita does really rely on him even if she does not show it through the play. Rita takes her exams and passes and at the end of the play, she is reunited with Frank. She now realises how much she owes him and she is now very grateful for everything he has done. Frank has helped Rita grow and develop through educated she now has the opportunity to make the choices in life that previously denied to her. Willy Russell ended the play like this so the audience could see what choices or opportunities Rita now had, showing that all of the change and struggle was worth it in the end. ...read more.

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