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Educating Rita act 1 scene 1

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-How effectively does act1 scene 1 of educating Rita prepare the reader fir what is to follow? The start of Act 1, Scene 1 of Educating Rita depicts an image of an old cluttered office, these first six lines, A room on the first floor.... there is a large bay window.... And on the wall hangs a good print of a nude religious scene (act 1 scene 1); prepare the reader of what to expect off Frank. This is because a Victorian university's are usually quite prestigious, and a job at one would make you middle-class. ...read more.


Rita's entrance shows her willingness to learn and that something is stopping her, this is shown by her not being able to get through the door, also at this point Willy Russell has already told us that this is a women on a open university course, (and that Frank doesn't have high expectations) the open university is a university which is open to those that don't have the formal qualifications to gain entrance into a regular university. Frank and Rita's misunderstanding is also placed into the play by Willy Russell to show a deeper meaning of Rita not knowing who she is, and of the fact she doesn't understand the language that Frank is using showing Rita's vocabulary isn't as diverse as Franks. ...read more.


The confusion between poet's shows how Frank and Rita's classes are different Dylan Thomas the poet Frank mentions is known much more renown for the quality of his poems where Roger McGough isn't as popular with the educated. When Rita mentions Charlie's angels, the class differences start to occur again she has to explain a television program to Frank. Watching a lot of television is generally seen to be a working class trait. At the end of the scene, Rita telling Frank that she is going to cut his hair is a early sign that Rita is going to change Frank. The above is what prepares the viewer / audience for what is to happen later in the story. ...read more.

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