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Educating Rita essay

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Educating Rita essay Amin doosti "I've been realizing for ages that I was you know slightly out of step, I'm twenty six, I should have had a baby by now, everyone expects it, I'm sure me husband thinks I'm sterile. He was moaning all the time you know come off the pills, lets have a baby. I told him I'd come off the pills, just to shut him up. But I'm still on it, see I don't want to baby yet. See, I want to discover myself first, do you understand that? Changes take place in every one through our lives everyday; In this essay I will be exploring the changes that have happened in Franks and Rita relationship in the play Educating Rita by Willy Russell. I will be mainly focusing upon the attitudes of the two main characters towards each other and towards themselves. Rita is a mature woman seeking an education, as she didn't take the opportunity to learn when she was an amateur student because of the environment she lived around in and the fact she didn't want to learn because of her popularity and her working class culture. ...read more.


RITA: soft you know mental FRANK: ah, I must remember that next time a student asks if Isabel archer was guilty of protestant masochism shall be told that one is obviously off his cake as on the other hand Rita was brought up in an urban environment where she was taught the slag vocabulary RITA: it's all right, I know. Soon as I walked in here I said to myself, you can tell he's a flora man FRANK: a what? RITA: flora, flowers? Where as Frank was taught the formal English language and does not understand some of Rita's words. At Rita's house, she lives with her boy friend Denny who hates the fact that she comes to the lectures at Franks office, he would rather like her to come to the pub than go to Franks office and learn, RITA: Denny tries to stop me coming here. He tries to get me to out to the pub with his mates, he hates me coming here. Rita's cultural background it tough; she is the odd one out of her environment that wants to do something with her life than just go to the pub with her boy friend and her parents. ...read more.


FRANK: metaphorically. And as it was metaphorical the sentence was reduced from the sack to two years in Australia and Rita has passed her exam and became a educated women at last, her life had gotten great she was free now, she could do what ever she wanted without anyone nagging at her or holding her back, she could do anything she wanted now that she was free FRANK: what you going to do now FRANK: I don't know, tiger asked me to go to France with him in his mob FRANK: will you RITA: I don't and my mum asked me to come over for Christmas, so I'm still thinking. FRANK: Were you going to go? RITA: I don't know, I might go to France, I might go to my mother or I might even stay here and have a baby I don't know. After all the things Rita went through she still made it thought and accomplished her ambition of being educated and smart. Willy Russell showed me that if you really want something and work hard for it you will get it at the end and that is what happened with Rita she worked hard and made it. ...read more.

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