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Educating Rita - Explore the tensions between Rita and Frank and the way they are introduced in the first scene. How does Russell suggest that despite they have a lot to give each other?

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Educating Rita Explore the tensions between Rita and Frank and the way they are introduced in the first scene. How does Russell suggest that despite they have a lot to give each other? I have been studying the play "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell. It's based around a low class woman who refers to herself as Rita who decides that she wants more from her life. This is the first point of realization and she decides to pursue a further Education, She claims she is doing this to discover more about herself which she believes can lead to a better life with a better career perspective than being a low class hairdresser. She attends her further education at an Open University in Liverpool where she meets Frank. Frank is a professor who is well educated and upper class that enjoys to drink even while teaching. Both Rita and Frank seem to be lonely however they are two very different characters, Willy Russell sums up there different characteristics in the quote "Rita's blunt direct questioning contrasts amusingly with Franks embarrassed reluctance to give direct answers" "Educating Rita's first appearance in a Shakespeare production was in early June 1980 and is now rated one of the greatest plays in mind of the British Audiences which has now been produced into a film. ...read more.


by her expression giving her the impression her tutor will be a "snobby know it all" who shows his instant dislike to her. By reading the text dialogue we can discover a lot about the characters. Rita's dialect is known as scouse which is very chatty and loud and seems to ramble on a lot this may be to hide her nervousness. In the play Rita uses a lot of bad language "So y' switch it off an' say, that's fuckin' rubbish" plus "Oh I'm really fucked" which gives me the impression that she doesn't care what people think of her sometimes. But she is very bothered about her impression around Frank. This makes it easy to see that Frank is a much higher class of person than Rita although he is also seen as ignorant due to his dinking at University before class's problems. Frank knows that he is clever and therefore has noting to prove to anyone. We are also told at the beginning of the play that although Frank drinks a lot he does not slur his words "We should recognize the voice of a man who shifts a lot of booze", we also notice his answers are usually direct short and simple. ...read more.


Rita: "No! Can I smoke?" Frank: "Tobacco" Rite: "Yeh. Was that a joke?" This shows how Rita is scared to move and even sit down however she is very anxious to ask Frank if she can smoke but she waits for him to break the silence first. Rita's personality changes throughout the play unlike Frank she is going out not caring what people think of her. Rita: "That's what it is, bloody borin' This Forster, honest to God he doesn't half get on my tits"... Frank: "Good. You should show me the evidence" Rita: "Y' dirty sod" This shows Frank approaching Rita testing there friendship to see how Rita would react towards him, Rita and Frank have a rare student and tutor relationship, This also shows us how they are both becoming more at ease and comfortable with each other. Frank and Rita have much to offer each other as Frank provides much knowledge for Rita's education which she takes much advantage of. Rita is able to provide Frank with an approach to life which he could follow to finally realize there's more to life other than Drinking and Education. He could also benefit by stopping his moaning about his poems as his ex-wife disliked them. They both have much to give and learn from each other to make themselves better people. Adam Etchells 12DM Gcse English ...read more.

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