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Educating Rita - Which character in the play changes the most?

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G.C.S.E TWENTIETH CENTURY DRAMA COURSWORK: EDUCATING RITA Which character in the play changes the most? Explain: ~ How the character changes; ~ The character's role in the play; ~ How the playwright uses dramatic devices; ~ How the use of language shows these changes; ~ How these changes reflect the social, historical, and cultural background. Rita is one of the two main characters in Willy Russell's Educating Rita. Rita's character changes in all aspects of her life: from her attitude to her work and her personal life to her appearance and knowledge- this is how: Rita enters the play at first as a common, working class hairdresser. You can gather all of this straight away, from the fact that in her first sentence she addresses to Frank contains the word 'bleedin''. In these opening moments of the play she does not seem to be able to control her speech and tends to babble on about irrelevant issues - such as Frank's 'pornographic' picture on his wall. She admits to her 'problem' and says 'I talk to much don't I?' She later explains that she only talks to this excess and irrelevance when she feels uncomfortable-so she is nervous around Frank. In the first two scenes you can see that Rita is from a typical, working class, Liverpudlian family as I have already said. ...read more.


The fact that she did not attempt any work in school due to this same pressure also disadvantages her now as she has no idea how to write essays, as can be seen in the first few essays that she hands in. What can be seen from Frank's character in these early scenes would bring one's self to say that Rita's role may be to uplift Frank, as when she is around Frank laughs a lot and throughout the whole of Act 1,as he is around Rita, his drinking becomes less and less emphasized. He also asks Rita 'why couldn't she have walked in here twenty years ago?' As if telling her he is attracted to her but that he is too old and that maybe she would have saved him from alcohol. He also refers to her has 'the first breath of fresh air in here for a long time.' Telling both her and us that he has feeling for her, and indeed there is chemistry between them. The break between Acts 1 and 2 is supposed to be along period of time, like months or years in context with the play. In this time Rita has been off attending summer school with what she calls 'proper students'. ...read more.


For at the end of act 1 she has just been kicked out by Denny and is not doing very well at all in her studies. Whereas, for Frank, if the book where to end at Act 1 Scene 7 rather than the true ending of Act 2 Scene 7 Frank would seem a lot more happy for in Act 1 a least he has Rita attending his lessons enthusiastically and punctually. He is also (in the beginning) the only person who teaches (and so influences) her. His drinking also seems to have gone down in volume and he seems genuinely more happy, cheerful person. He has also started writing poetry again, which Rita loves. All of this goes down hill from the start of Act 2 Scene 1.Frank seems a very unhappy and disgruntled person at the end of the play. So, in conclusion, Act 2 is an entire contrast to Act 1 for both characters, but focusing on Rita, she has gone from being an uneducated, common -speaking, unhappy hairdresser to an educated, well- spoken and more importantly happy Bistro waiter. More significantly she is a woman with choices. There is only one lapse in this metamorphosis when, after Trish tries to commit suicide, Rita lights up a cigarette in Scene 6 of Act 2. Which is understandable really. BY MICHAEL ROACH 10JS ...read more.

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