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English Backwards writing. The water was choking me, I couldnt see clearly and I felt my lungs beginning to fill up with the murky river water.

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English Coursework - Backwards Writing. The water was choking me, I couldn't see clearly and I felt my lungs beginning to fill up with the murky river water. My lifejacket was stuck in a rock; impeding me from taking a breath and all I could see were the whirlpools created by the strong Nile water. But suddenly I felt the rock release the lifejacket and the water that was once wrapped around my body ejected me, throwing me back to the surface. It seemed as if the previously dangerous white water was saving me, helping me to catch the breath that would change my future. I didn't feel the water sucking me into its crevices anymore; instead, it was pushing me towards the surface, towards the bright blue sky and the softly moving trees. When I finally broke the thin membrane that separated me from life and death, I saw light. It was overpowering. I felt the life, I felt air rush back into my previously empty lungs and I heard the swish of the water around me. ...read more.


I had felt the water suffocate me, I had felt my mind slowly shutting down, until the point where the water was forcing itself out and oxygen magically entered my lungs. As the raft was carried up stream by the rewinding waves, the ringing in my ears was increasing, releasing the pandemonium that lay in my mind. As I looked back, I realized that the water had saved me, led me to safety instead of engulfing me. Then I saw the far away raft lodge from where we left, everything was still rewinding but I myself was still normal. When we reached the shore, heads didn't look around to where they were putting their feet as they were getting off the raft, they were walking backwards. By the time we got to the lodge people were sitting down for breakfast and as each spoon left their mouth, the plate filled up and glasses of juice recovered their content. As we put the numerous lifejackets and paddles away and filled the car with our bags, the sun lowered into the east, backing away from the west, this wasn't sunset; it was sunrise initiating a new day. ...read more.


As I finished or started bushing my teeth, I walked to the couch and the taste of the toothpaste left my mouth as if never there. Then dinner slowly reassembled itself on the table, people walking back to the seats and with every bite, the chicken was full of warm meat and the soup spoons left our mouths full. When the food was finally all in one piece, everyone rose from the table and froze. No one moved, no one made a sound. I felt scared at that point, willing them to move, I screamed in their ears, hoping for a response. The moment that I stopped my frantic screams the ringing stopped, everything went clear in my head and when I opened my eyes, my father, my mother and my sister were talking normally, walking forwards and telling me it was dinner time. Everything was normal again and I felt grateful towards God and his powers and towards the Nile water that had taken the life of so many others but spared mine. This is the story of how the dangerous Nile waters saved me to give me a second chance at a life that I deserved. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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