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English Coursework Writing 1 Inform, Explain & Describe (The Big Game)

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English Coursework: Writing To Inform, Explain And Describe. Journalism: The Big GAME. There are many different types of things that interest me like electrical gadgets or space. As well as this there is one type of hobby I always found more exciting and adventurous, and I am sure that hundreds of people out there, whether children or adults also get an adrenalin rush from this type of hobby, and this is nothing else but the well known computer games, of any sort. When I was younger I always enjoyed playing from anything like card games to board games, I enjoyed them more than other things mainly because of the fact that they are interesting and fun, and always different. I would play with friends and family and I am sure I wasn't the only one, but I wouldn't play forever but when it comes to computer games even my best suppers get cold. ...read more.


The only difference this time was that they aren't just simple board games they are brilliant computer games. If this wasn't enough for me I got into the fashion of stylish hand held electronic games, which I, and any of you who have tried them out can say that they are top. Now I didn't have to scribble through class work waiting for the last bell to go off, now all I had to do was to be patient for one or two lessons and spend some break time on my games. It came in really handy there was no more time-wasting journeys or holiday's just hours on end of games. Every so often when a newer and more advanced electronic game was out I got it along with hundreds of kids world wide, the race was on, who got to finish first, who beat the game first and like usual I was part of it and probably you were also, well I don't blame you. ...read more.


They're enjoyable and thrilling, which is probably or rather defiantly the only thing that stimulates us. Also I am sure that most of us can all agree that games with out all of this like Tetras are a waste of time and money. Now I can say that the games are basically the same whether platform games, which is simply any particular character like Super Mario walking along a platform usually at the base of your screen, doing whatever you command him to do which in most cases is destroying everything in his path. There is also action games which is usually consists of fighting and explosions and they don't get much better than that, so I guess you would all agree with me that the games are going to have to be made far more complex to excite the new generation of gamers, that's us. By Yitzy Liebermann Date Of Completion Feb 03' 1 ...read more.

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