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English creative writing - FROM CATWALKS TO SIDEWALKS

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FROM CATWALKS TO SIDEWALKS Ruby was apprehensive as she approached what she had hoped she would never see. She glanced towards the television. She froze. Regaining her composure and inhaling a straw of nicotine, she walked closer to the television and helplessly fell on her knees. There it was, "...a follow up from our top story this morning, Ruby Rose embroiled in yet another scandal...how much longer can Germany's fashion darling last? The once great showstopper is now more often seen in men's corridors or bars than on catwalks. It now seems only a matter of time until she falls out of the fashion world altogether..." - Alisha Hewitt, Star News" Hunched like a weary peasant, she narrowed her eyes to the remains of last night's intoxicants, strewn carelessly across the threadbare carpet. The tainted glamour had consumed her soul, and continued to drown her present and future. Ruby knew that the television was right but she forced herself to think that she was innocent...that the conventions of high society life had led her here...that the pressures to be a sanctimonious celebrity had fueled this disheveled state...that she was forced to disregard her morals and conform to the values of a model. ...read more.


Now, When strutting down the catwalk, there was no shadow. When looking in the mirror, there was no reflection. When screaming in anger and stress, there was no echo. With her weary arms and emaciated muscles, Ruby aimlessly crawled into the corner as if it were her cocoon. It was darker there. Unluckily, dim light still reached this corner exposing her abused body. Ruby's fingertips trembled across her cracked and dry lips as she tried to cast her mind back to the events that led to this state. At first this new world was captivating, and although she endeavored to be an individual, it was necessary to conform to the expectations of the modeling elite. Her career depended on her attendance at various social events and partaking in the usual activities along with the other models. She strutted to their beat. Gaining membership into this family had its benefits and it appeared like a bargain; the only price to pay was her individuality. Parties were a professional networking opportunity and provided publicity. ...read more.


Suddenly, the abrupt beeping of a text message from her managers interrupted her thoughts. Ruby gathered the strength to call them back. After learning the devastating news, she refocused on the t.v. to discover that all of Germany had been notified of her replacement. The younger model had a healthy glow and her eyes were filled with ambition- a stark reminder of Ruby's earlier days. A butterfly fresh from her cocoon, unlike herself, no one wanted her singed and broken wings anymore. She knew the importance of losing her ambassadorship at such a young age - the damage would be irreparable. Ruby would soon be discarded altogether, losing her membership and acceptance in the fashion world. Her hands climbed from her cracked lips to wipe away the cold tears she was crying. Her wings were now stained with shame and humiliation. The colour was ugly and they no longer lifted her up from the ground. Having no place to turn neither herself nor her family, she was consumed with guilt and regret. She was a foreigner to her own identity- had nowhere else to go, no choices left. In a drunken stupor, Ruby ended her years of isolation and injected herself to sleep. . ...read more.

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