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English Creative Writing Draft- 1,176 words

On the corner of Fifth Avenue, New York sits the Plaza hotel, rising above the trees of Central Park but still dwarfed by the other buildings that tower into the smoke filled sky. As you enter, the sweet and suttle sound of a harp greets you and the gleam of the marble is blinding. Tourists sit deep in conversation while business men hurtle towards doors into already moving cabs. Then you follow the golden signs leading you to the Lobby, passing pillars and chandeliers. The Lobby greets you with the ‘beeps’ of tills and ‘dings’ of elevators.

The Rooms are a completely different story; they were more modern than the traditional than the marble finish in the lobby. The rooms were mainly mahogany based but more modern aspects had been blended in such as the television’s wide, flat screen and a clean white bed. The Bathroom had a wonderful marble finish and two bowl sinks with chrome fittings that the light reflects off lighting up the dim room.

A long white limousine pulled into the courtyard and a man emerged through the door, he was wearing a deep purple suit and very fine looking shoes. He strolled through the entrance and into the Lobby; this environment seemed to suit him very well. He collected a copy of The Wall Street and a very fine looking cigar. As he went up to his room a porter followed laden with designer brief cases and suitcases. This man was certainly very, very rich.

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As the man whooshed up to the 72nd floor in the elevator it suddenly, with a bang stopped. The woman next to him was beside herself with fear and she let out a loud cry. Alexander, the business man edged over to her and comforted her. She seemed to calm at this, but she was still stricken with fear. However after ten short minutes the elevator began to move again and finally arrived at the destined floor. Alexander stepped out and the woman with the cream blouse and a long, whispering skirt followed. They had been deep in conversation during ...

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