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English Creative Writing Task

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As Fallon lay watching the sun set over the now twilight shaded horizon, sand slipping through her fingertips, she thought about everything that had happened in the two weeks that she'd been in Venice. ****************** Fallon Wise and her parents had come to Venice with her older sister Riley and her fianc´┐Ż, Curtis for their wedding. Joining the wise family was there close friends John and Deborah Redwood and their children Gareth and Allanah. The two families had been very good friends for a long time, meaning that Gareth, Fallon and Allanah all grew up with each other. The children had shared some of their greatest childhood memories with each other... Fallon was there when Gareth first learnt to ride a bike, and they were all in their school plays together. Gareth and Fallon had been best friends since they met, so much that they were almost inseparable but as they grew older, they slowly drifted apart. Now Fallon, aged 15, and Gareth, aged 16, rarely saw each other, and if they did it was very awkward. At these times Allanah jumped in and tried to fix thing between them, but the thing was... they just weren't as close anymore. Fallon's parents, Robert and Julie, hoped the trip to Venice would bring the three children closer together again. And they were right in ways but as with all family holidays, there were some bumps along the road. ****************** The first day the two families arrived in Venice, they decided to leave the hotel and go down to the beach, to enjoy the views and have a stroll in the cool evening air. As the adults walked on ahead with Riley and Curtis, excitedly discussing the wedding, the three children were left tagging along behind. As the beach stretched out around corners, the children relaxed and started chatting and laughing again, soon enough they were having sand fights and messing around like when they were younger. ...read more.


But a few weeks later when the news of a local boy being murdered outside his house, came around, Rob got sentenced to ten years in prison. Curtis come running back to Riley desperate for her to take him back, but she refused, not wanting to get involved. Curtis begged and insisted that he had changed and that he'd had nothing to do with the murder. Although Riley had her suspicions deep down, she still loved Curtis so accepted him back. It wasn't until after this that she found out that it was Daniel Redwood, Gareth and Allanah's older brother that had been murdered. ****************** Riley stepped out of the shadows and turned to face Curtis. "There you are!" she said, not quite sure exactly what she wanted to ask him. "Yeah, here I am. Been looking for me?" Curtis replied. "You were talking to Rob." Riley started shakily. Curtis bit his lip. "You know how I feel about him Curtis! You know how I feel and yet here you are, four days before our wedding, on the phone to him!" She paused to wipe her eyes. "Look, Riley... it wasn't-" Riley cut him off mid sentence. "Don't try to make excuses, Curtis," she cried, "just answer me this one question honestly, did you kill Damon? And please, please don't lie to me, Curtis" Curtis chewed on his lip, as if debating his answer. Riley sighed and tapped her feet in frustration. ".... Not directly..." was Curtis' reply. Riley cried out. "Not directly?!" she said, advancing on him. "That means yes, doesn't it? All this time, you comforted me, telling me it would be okay and all because you killed him yourself?! You filled me with hope that maybe he had just left town for a few days and that he might come home. But all that time you knew he'd drowned in that river, because it was you that did it!" ...read more.


And although this should have triggered anger in Fallon, she felt strangely calm about it, considering her sister was going behind her back and marrying the person that could have stopped her brother dying, but didn't. Feeling the presence of someone else, she turned around to face a sheepish looking, Riley. "Hey, you look really nice" Riley started, "Okay, look Fallon. I'm really sorry and I know your upset about Damon, we all are, but Curtis didn't do it on purpose there was nothing he could have done. He found him dead." Riley wanted to say that he could have told us, but bit her lip and let Riley carry on. "So, I'm sorry, I feel like I'm deceiving you, but I still love Curtis, and I only hope you can forgive me sometime... and Curtis too." Fallon considered everything and instead of saying anything and risking crying again, she just hugged Riley. After the wedding ceremony, Fallon caught up with Gareth. "Hey" she said as she slowed down and walked at the same pace as Gareth. She looked at him, and grabbed his arm, pulling him to a stop. "Do you, I don't know, maybe... want to do something together tomorrow? Like, go swimming or something?" she asked, never taking her eyes off of Gareth's face. He didn't need to say anything; he just smiled at Fallon and took her hand. As they walked along the beach again, following everyone else, Fallon suddenly stopped. "Hey, er, seeing as everybody is being completely honest with each other, I feel I should tell you this. Your cat didn't run away when we were seven, I took him to school for show and tell." Gareth looked at Fallon and laughed. "Okay then" he said, "I guess it's my turn... I love you." ****************** "Fallon, honey, come back up to the hotel, we have something for you" Fallons mother called from the hotel, disturbing Fallons memories. As she brushed the sand away, she walked back up to the hotel with a smile on her face, maybe this hadn't been such a bad holiday. ****************** ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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