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english essay

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Hard times "Hard Times" written by Charles Dickens in 1854 shows various attitudes towards the theme of education. The opening of the novel begins with Dickens not telling the readers the narrator. This is effective because straight away the readers do not know who is speaking. This leaves the readers in suspense. In the first, paragraph Dickens, use repetition, monotonous and mimetic language that is based on facts. The word "fact" is repeated many times throughout the first paragraph. This is effective because "facts" is emphasised so it shows the readers that the word is important to the narrator. The word "children" is repeated many times in the opening paragraph. This is effective because it shows the readers that it is all about the facts being taught to the children. I know this because it says,"... this is the principle on which I bring up my own children." This also shows that the narrator speaking has children and wants to teach these children like his own, it also shows that Dickens is trying to show the readers that the educational system in those times is wrong and unacceptable. ...read more.


This shows the readers that facts are a loved theme for the narrator. The second paragraph explains what the narrator looks like. The word "square" is repeated many times it is describing the narrator from paragraph one. Dickens makes the narrator sound boring and perfect in a negative way it is very inflexible. I believe this because it says,"the speakers voice which was inflexible, dry and dictatorial. The emphasis was helped by the speaker's hair, which was bristled on the skirts of his bald head." This also shows that Dickens turns the character into a caricature can exaggerated version of a stereotype. This shows that the narrator is as boring as the facts. Dickens shows the reader that education then was terrible for the fact that it was boring and all about facts. Dickens gets the readers to hate the unnamed narrator this means that Dickens has a problem and dislikes the narrator because he "makes fun" of the way he looks and talks. ...read more.


The second chapter introduces the unnamed narrator, which is Mr Gradgrind. The name "Gradgrind" has many meanings. The "grind" part of his name reflects the crushing into the children full of facts. The word "grind" is very informal and figurative. This is effective because dickens uses the name to show the reader what type of person Mr Gradgrind is. The word "grind" also means a unit of measuring angles. This is effective because it relates to Mr Gradgrind measuring all the facts to the brim. This is also alliterating because using a hard "gr" sound, reflects his hard, cold personality. Mr Gradgrind keeps a ruler and a pair of scales and the multiplication table always in his pocket so that he can weigh and measure any parcel of human nature and tell you exactly what it comes to. This imagery is effective because it is a metaphor making human nature sound like a parcel being posted. This emphasis the place on the fact that this is silly because it is impossible. This shows Dickens poking fun at people like Mr Gradgrind. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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