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English Essay

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English Essay In 'Buddy' he always stood out when there was someone elses view different from his own. But at least Buddy was not racist. He didn't mind having black friends such as the Rybeero twins. The Rybeero twins were called Charmian and Julius and they came from Jamaica. They were bullied and discriminated against their classmates for being black. They didn't have any friends except for Buddy. He was also discriminated and this helped me to understand that the kids were dividing the class into two separate groups; leaving the different people out. The author wanted Buddy to have black friends so he shows that he is not racist and that all the different people are left out. ...read more.


He had a plastic bag and he didn't wear the right uniform. This book also shows that family is really important, and that in a family it is very important to have all the members together during the good and bad times. Before Buddys Mother left his house, they had encountered some problems with money aswell as their relationship between one another. She didn't want everyone to live together, so she gave up. This showed that she didn't love her family because she didnt give things time to get better. When his mother left the house the whole atmosphere changed. Everything was different and the family felt their hearts craved her. Even those with problems before realised they were all a family and they loved each other so much. ...read more.


The Rybeero parents worked, earned good house and gave all the good things to their son and their daughter. When they sacrifice their life working for have everything they needed this is a way to say that they love them and that they want the best for them. The author's point here was to make Buddy jealous because he didn't have a perfect family. My conclusion is that in the book trys to explain that you have to continue, even if you are in the worst part of your life, you must never stop and give up, you always have to continue and try to obtain what you want until the very end. Buddy had a lot of problems, like when his mum left, when his dad was a thief and when he was feeling like he couldn't continue. But he did, and at the end he obtains what he wanted because he never gave up. ...read more.

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