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GCSE: Oscar Wilde

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  1. Explore Oscar Wildes presentation of his character Jack from his play The Importance of Being Earnest; showing how this character develops over the course of the action and the message he gives to the audience.

    The phrase 'what else should bring one anywhere?' also suggests he is young and care free because he has no understanding that people might not travel for pleasure. He appears to be living in his own little world and has no idea that others struggle to find the money to survive and have to work very hard to do so. This is an important part of Oscar Wilde's message - that the rich were quite na�ve - but I will discuss this further later.

    • Word count: 3513
  2. The Importance of Being Earnest

    However, his character is also over exaggerated. Jack has worked for his wealth and status and is therefore sensible, if a little audacious. He trys to follow convention but is not necessarily able to follow the rules set down by society; e.g. he has no fashion sense whilst fashion is important to most. Jack, an innocent person, who never wins verbal battles, is unable to conceal his deceits and therefore is found out a number of times; for example when Algy finds his silver cigar casewith the name 'Jack' iengraved in it instead of 'ernest' (in the first scene).

    • Word count: 3191

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