"Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde.

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Ulas Demirtas 17/12/2002


"Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde

The play takes place around the high society of Istanbul, the plot and the characters of the play are chosen from the real life and the names are changed for secrecy and to protect privacy. First of all, I want to introduce the characters of the play, who have similar relations and lives compared to the characters of the play "Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde.

The main character of the play is Hülya Kosar, a famous singer and actress living in Istanbul with her dear family in wealth. Hülya is a self-conscious woman who doesn't belong to the society that she lives in. She has a dependent husband Kaya Kosar whom she loves and respects for; he is the protector of his wife's fame and nobility in the Istanbul high society. Kaya is a hardworking, successful and a wealthy businessman working for the prospect of his family. As being suitable mates both are admired by the other people around them. Kadir Inandirir is the secret admirer and lover of Hülya Kosar who is the owner and the manager of a big GSM operating company. He is known in the society as a talent and handsome seducer, who sends sms messages to the engaged and married women. Lastly, an important character who creates a big conflict in the play, an unknown woman, the secret mother and a charming woman admired by the man who is the focus of the rumours. She was a member of this society in her early ages, however abandoned her life, left her child behind and disappeared. After twenty years she is trying to regain the respect of the society by the help of Kaya Kosar.
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And also the other characters that take place have a significant role in the play as showing us the relations and rumours of the high society.

The first scene starts with Hülya Kosar in her home, she is having breakfast in front of the television. Then she gets an sms message from Kadir Inandirir saying that if it is suitable he will visit her. After thirty minutes, Kadir enters the room. He learns that at night there is a birthday party at Layla for the honour of Hülya. Immediately he starts trying to seduce her to marry ...

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