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English narrative

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Shauna Thomas 11F Stacey was in love with Liam, and that was something we all knew. One of the flaws in their relationship was Liam didn't seem to love her. Something had changed in him in the time they had been together, and only he knew what. He'd started to treat her like his worst enemy about a year into their relationship. He seemed to have no respect towards her anymore, he didn't even care. The cracks began to show in small amounts; he'd lie to her by making excuses to get away from her or not spend time with her; anything he could do to avoid being around her. When he did have to spend time with her, he would be controlling her. He'd tell her who to speak to, who to look at, what to do, what to wear; anything he could say or do so that he was in total control of her life. Liam may have been a little odd at times, but no one thought he was capable of this. It was one o'clock Friday afternoon, and just like any other day, Stacey and Liam were getting ready for another dull day at university. ...read more.


Stacey said, confused. "I haven't-" But before she could finish her sentence, he punched her straight in the face harder than he had ever done before. She fell to the floor crying and clutching her head. There was crimson coloured blood dripping from her face to the ground, slowly forming a dark red, thick pool to the right of her. He began to kick her, punch her and spit at her as if she was nothing. She didn't fight back; she loved him. In her opinion, that's not what lovers did. She lay there whimpering to herself for what seemed like an eternity, until she heard the crunching of gravel near where they had parked the car. She thought to look up, but decided not to just in case; so she just listened intently to try and make out the sound. She heard the rev of a car engine, saw headlights flash over her, then the screeching of car brakes coming from behind her. She guessed it was Liam, running away like he always did, but this time was different. He'd left her here, in the middle of no where. ...read more.


Of course, he knew that wasn't possible. So from that moment on, he vowed to change his life; to make himself a better person. Ten Years Later. Liam never found out what really happened to Stacey, and he knew he probably never would. The memory of what he'd done to her was going to haunt him forever; that was something he was sure of. He'd decided he was going to try and make up for all the things he'd ever done to her that were wrong instead of letting it bring him down. He had been out of prison for six months now, and in those six months he had been volunteering to help people who also had anger issues in their lives. He knew that his anger towards Stacey had done him no favours, and hadn't made life any easier for Stacey either. He had changed into a better person while he was in prison. He realized how wrong it was to hurt people, especially those you love. He used to be a violent and aggressive control freak, but now, he was considered a blessing to those he had helped. Yes, he had a rough past, but he was one of the few people who had changed their life around instead of leading themselves down the same path again. ...read more.

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