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English speaking and listening olympics presentation

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London 2012 London 2012 Do you remember that nail-biting moment on 6 July last year? The world was finally going to discover which city would hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012... After several tense rounds of voting by the International Olympic Committee two cities remained in the race. Would the winner be London or Paris? The crowds in Trafalgar Square watched the big screens nervously. All over Britain people crossed their fingers, and hoped that London would be the winner............ On July 6th we went from London 2012 candidate city to London 2012 host city. Thousands of fans, some in tears, danced and cheered as ticker-tape and balloons flew around their heads. ...read more.


The Olympic Javelin high-speed shuttle service will provide a link to central London in just seven minutes, as well as a direct train service to mainland Europe London is one of the world's greatest cities. It will stage an exceptional Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. It can boast all the facilities expected of a global centre for business, culture and sport. Its landscape is instantly recognisable. Historic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament are world-famous. More than 8,000 acres of parkland add a green heart. And modern icons such as the London Eye bring a 21st century twist. ...read more.


What better place to host the Olympic Games and Paralympic games. The games will also open up opportunities for aspiring sports men and women who previously haven't been given the opportunities to try to compete. Talent scouts are constantly on the look out for the stars of 2012. Today the city brings together more than 50 ethnic communities of 10,000 or more people. More than 70 different national cuisines are available. And a staggering 300 different languages are spoken In 6 years time, 2012, we will all be 21. The ideal age for competing. With the right commitment, time and effort, we could be a part of The London Olympics, it would be a honour, a privilege and a great achievement, Do you see your self here.... London is ready! Are you? ...read more.

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