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English Speech

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Speech Tom Bewley Good evening, is compulsory education till eighteen a good idea or not? As we are the youth of today and adults of tomorrow our voices need to be heard. Why is my point of view not listened to because of my age? Why does the government have so much power to be able to determine our futures? My opinion is that it is not and I am against it for the following reasons. At the age of sixteen you're not allowed to gamble but you can play the national lottery. The privilege of smoking age has been raised. You can have sex and become a parent, but the government want to cut down on teenage pregnancy. If education is raised to the age of eighteen, how can a teen father earn the money to support his son or daughter? ...read more.


There is already a poor discipline in schools. Young people will be reluctant to go and there is already a high dropout rate. How do you keep young people in education? The answer is you can't. They can fine the parents but that isn't going to make a difference, only giving the government more money. There is already enough stress and pressure forced on us by schools with exams followed by revision and more exams. Everything we do involves some sort of test. Sportsman and up and coming athletes like a really talented footballer for example cannot train enough because they have to learn trigonometry and find the hypotenuse side of a triangle. So England will not win any sports events. What about the financial difficulties that await students when they leave school? ...read more.


So big companies will raise products prices to stop loss of profit. My conclusion is that why should young people have two more years, when we have colleges with a variety of courses not just academic to suit people's choice of career. There is no point having an A-level in mathematics if you want to be a hair dresser. I'm not saying this system will not work but there are a lot of complications that comes with it; I will need convincing as I don't believe it will work nor should it be forced upon us. What happened to the freedom of choice? As young adults I think we are mature enough to choose and make our own decisions. So, fellow students, I hope that you all agreed with me and rebel against compulsory education till eighteen, only together could we prevent the government from raising the school leaving age. ...read more.

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