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Escape of the Gymnasium

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Escape of the Gymnasium As I sat in a managerial meeting, nervously taking the wrath from demanding hierarchy management, my mind began to drift back to an incident in my early childhood... "Nice shot Shrimps!" There I was shooting the basketball in gym class, all five foot four inches, 125 pounds of me. I am known as "Shrimps," but my real name is Donald I am a small kid, with the heart of a kitten. Patiently waiting for the school bell to ring, to notify me and the rest of the school it was time to go home for the day and come back again in a week and half, I could hardly wait to get home and show my parents my straight A report card. It seemed like two life times had passed already, but I was still stuck there waiting to hear the ring of the damn bell. All of a sudden, I realized Lenord was headed into my vicinity. My pulse began to race, sweat dripping from my forehead; I continued to shoot the basketball. Soon I became scared, so scared I thought I was going to wet myself. The threat was real, very real, but this wasn't the first time I'd been in danger and sure seemed like it wouldn't be the last. ...read more.


"What's up, Shrimps? Don't you want your pretty boy face all smashed up like everyone else in this school? Or will you be upset because you will need a face lift?" As I sat there I could only think of dumb things like this girl name Ashley sucking her thumb and my friend telling me to imagine my peers naked while giving a speech. Only the sight of these two things registered on my numbed, frightened brain. "Why don't you leave me alone? Go annoy someone else." I took the basketball and dropped it at my feet. "Are you throwing the basketball at me, Shrimps?" He snorted, searching for any excuse to start a fight with me. I didn't want to give him an excuse. He stood there warlike; hands on hips, wearing his all blue attire. His stomach fat erupted through ragged holes in his once blue t-shirt. Supporting the color blue was what J Dog felt was the holiest color known to mankind. "Don't be silly, I just dropped it at my feet," I whined, not at all mentally prepared for the brutal assault. "I know you didn't just call J Dog silly," one of his collogues shouted. "Or I'll flatten you myself. Come on J Dog, give the idiot a reason to talk back and let's get the hell out of here. ...read more.


I wanted to shout it out to the rest of the school and let everyone in the school district know of J Dog's defeat. My mind switched off that near death episode, back to the present, to the here and now. Hierarchy management surrounded me, trying to pressure me and abide to their will. Tacky school clothes were replaced with tailored business suits, the overt threat of violence with an undercurrent of raw power. Things hadn't changed. As before, I was the underdog, the potential victim. These smiling men were planning on beating me far worse than the luckless J Dog could ever have imagined. Here I was fighting for my life, my work life, and for the future of my family and myself. I could lose everything. I felt too old to start everything all over again. These smiling piranhas had planned on chewing me up and spitting out the bones. I had to fight for myself and for what I knew was right, and it was time to either stand up and fight their smirking aggression, or lie down and die like a dog. I thought again of J Dog the bully, remembering how quickly he'd collapsed after I stood in his way of destruction. Clearing my throat, I looked straight in the owner's eyes. "This is what should happen," I began, as an idea rushed into my mind. Fully knowing what I was going to say, I continued as I spilled out the beans. ...read more.

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