No Escape.

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No Escape

It was still dark when she awoke, and, looking up, she could see the stars through the windows.  The wind blows sweetly through the flickering sky.

But Rosie was not as tranquil as the calm sky.  The sky, the world, and the whole universe appeared to be a chaotic blur as Rosie’s tears filled in her eyes, the darkness spreading its way through her whole mind.  It was as if the world had fallen silent because her soul had.  She sat there, staring blankly through the window, wishing that she had died, and that everything would end forever at that moment.  Yet she knew she could not because she had promised Mum that one day she would face the real world.  And one day she would move her life on.  There was just no way she could escape. No escape!

Everything inside her was shaking uncontrollably.  She let the sobs and shivers go and they echoed through the lonely night.  The misery and the loneliness were seeping through her bones and her heart.  Her skin was raw and her mind was bitter.  She was at the point of becoming frantic.

Her soul was locked into another space.  Yet nobody knew where it was.  She thought her soul would never go forward into freedom. It was an only matter of time until she learned to hide the sadness and locked it secretly in her heart. So the people didn’t have to pity her.  Rosie just couldn’t bear people’s eyes. They always gave her a pathetic look.  She didn’t need the pity.  And most importantly people’s sympathy only reminded her about Mum’s death.

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Mum had died two years ago. Rosie could still remember the time when Mum was still around.  That was the best and the happiest time for the whole family.  As if it was just yesterday, the laughing and the noises echoed in her ears. Her Dad and Rosie would work in the garden energetically.  Her Mum would look out from the window.  Sometimes they would play hide and seek.  Her Mum would nod her head and smile to Dad  “You are just like a child.” At the end of the day they would all be laughing at each other ...

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