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Essay On "Educating Rita" By Willy Russell.

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English Essay On "Educating Rita" By Willy Russell There are many differences between Frank and Rita in the play 'Educating Rita'. The playwright, Willy Russell, makes the audience see the variations between the two characters by the way in which they address one another and by the stage directions used in the play. I am studying scenes six and seven and I will be comparing and contrasting the differentiations between the two characters. The stage directions at the opening of scene six conveys to the reader that Frank is a relaxed and calm person, 'He goes to the filing cabinet, takes lecture notes from his briefcase.' This illustrates to the reader that Frank is calm because if Frank was not calm he would have snatched his lecture notes from his briefcase. 'He switches on the radio then sits in the swivel chair,' this conveys to the reader that Frank is laid back because he switches the radio on which indicates that Frank wants to relax. However, The stage directions at the beginning of scene six informs the reader that Rita is an energetic person and she is enthusiastic about education, 'Rita bursts through the door.' The fact that she 'bursts' through the door, which gives an impression to the reader that Rita is energetic, and the fact that it was 'through the door' into a classroom demonstrates that she is enthusiastic about learning. ...read more.


In contrast to this line fifty-nine explains that when Rita 'offers' Frank 'the can of soft drink.' Frank 'puts the can down on the desk' as he does not want to have an unhealthy habit of eating and drinking things that are harmful to his health. Frank wants to have a healthy diet. This also tells the reader that he does not want too take anything from her, as he only wants good quality things. This may be because he might class himself a higher class than Rita. I can tell that Frank is highly educated because he uses a metaphor to explain the play (Macbeth) and the words 'tragic' and 'tragedy' to Rita. He uses the metaphoric sentence 'with every step he is spinning one more piece of thread which will eventually make up a network of his own tragedy' to explain indirectly that Macbeth is in a lot of trouble because he done one thing (killing Duncan) which led to a lot of other things (trying to kill his best friend Banquo and getting killed himself). It is also possible to tell that Frank is highly educated because he is the person explaining the words 'tragic' and 'tragedy' to Rita. This is further exemplified when he asks questions that he expects Rita to answer so that Rita understands the difference in the two words. This is evidence why Rita wants to become like Frank, because he is a professional teacher. ...read more.


Rita's education brings her to a middle class standard but she is in a working class standard because she speaks in dialect and her whole family are working class. Education does not just affect the brain it affects her class in society. When Rita says she is a half-caste she means that she cannot fit in with people like Frank but also cannot fit in with people like her husband Denny. In Rita's final speech her message is that it is too late for her mum to change anything but it is not too late for her too change anything. Her mum is using songs to describe her life and metaphors, 'we could sing better songs than those.' She actually means that they could have a better life but it is too late now. In these two scenes the reader learns different things about Frank and Rita. Frank is very laid back and relaxed, Whereas Rita is very egger and enthusiastic. Rita is very confused as to where she stands in society. Should she be with the middle class people or should she be with the working class people. The playwright is saying that education affects everything in life including people's status and the playwright uses Rita as an example. The message that the playwright is trying to put forward is that for some people life is too late and life is too short. People should learn while they have the chance to learn. By Bhavin Patel 1 ...read more.

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