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Examine the settings which the writers have chosen for their stories in The Red Room, The Man with the Twisted Lip and The Signalman. Consider the effects that each writer has created and how they contribute to

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Examine the settings which the writers have chosen for their stories in 'The Red Room', 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' and 'The Signalman'. Consider the effects that each writer has created and how they contribute to the atmosphere. Settings play an important role in a story because it suggests to the reader about what might be in the story. For my essay I will be exploring three stories, each from the gothic genre. Gothic genre is a story with horror and romance events. In the stories the writers are trying to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. I will be looking at 'The Red Room' by H.G Wells, 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens. 'The Signalman' is about a man who watches a train accident happen and is powerless to do anything. 'The Red Room' is about an experience in a castle. 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' is about a man that goes missing in the truth to what happens. In all three stories the setting links to the atmosphere. 'The Signalman' was written by Charles Dickens in 1865. The railways were a recent invention at that time so to base a story around them was a very original idea to build up suspense. The suspense is built up in this story as the signalman is shocked that the narrator is talking to him because, he thinks it's a ghost ...read more.


Black could be the colour of hatred, darkness or gloom. "There is fear in the room - black fear" black fear could mean that it was dark or gloomy. These two colours come together to make the castle seem darker than it would have been. The first setting we see in "The Man with the Twisted Lip" is Dr Watson's house. This gives us an expectation of what his profession is from the "large white house." It is show when "A Patient!" said she". Watson continues "I groaned, for I was newly come back from a weary day." This is evidence that Watson was actively practicing his profession in his house late at night. It is also shown when it says "the hour when a man gives his first yawn", wife doing her "needlework", leaves his "armchair" and "cheery sitting room" it is personification because it is their happy place. This creates contrast with the gloomy setting of the streets. The street in which it is set builds up the atmosphere, as it is created by the dark depressing streets. It is shown by '"A vile alley lurking" near the wharves' this is also personified because it is a dirty side road, alley lurking is meaning that the streets are alive with disgusting rats. The Lanterns on the cart s build the atmosphere as it is dark and creepy (night) ...read more.


The word Chill would mean that it was icy and cold. "As if I had left the natural world" Everything the narrator sees becomes supernatural as if it was heaven and hell. This helps it build up the atmosphere as it brings life to the tunnel for the reader. The three stories are similar in how there is little light. In the 'Red Room' there is little light because it is a dark and gloomy castle. In the 'Signalman' there is no light in the tunnel, which makes it scarier as you can't see anything. Finally in the 'Man with the Twisted Lip' there is reference to little light in the streets, this makes it creepier as you also can't see anything. The reference to little or no light makes the story seem creepier and scary which builds up the suspense in all the stories. Although I liked all the stories I found that I like 'The Red Room' the most. This is because the description of all that the main character encounters on his journey is both clear and emotive. The detail given captures my imagination in such a way that I feel like I am in the room myself. Even though this story is told in the first person we have good descriptions of the other individuals which I feel is accurate as most of the descriptions are actually from a challenging perspective. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jessica Ireland 11T English coursework 1 ...read more.

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