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Explain the changing relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

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Explain the changing relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In this essay I intend to examine the changing relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In act one/scene five we see that Macbeth and lady Macbeth have a committed and loving relationship. There is evidence to suggest this in the way he address her in the letter, Macbeth relates to her as his "dearest partner of love" in this letter he tells lady Macbeth of the witches prophesies that Macbeth is to become king. Lady Macbeth reacts to this in a selfish way thinking that if he is king she will therefore become queen and she begins to plot the murder of the current king Duncan. This gives us the impression that she is ruthless and cold hearted. She asks the sprits to "unsex" her this means that the sprits will give her enough strength to carry out the murder. In act two their relationship dramatically changes from an affectionate, committed relationship to a slightly more strained one. This is evident in Macbeths soliloquy in which he reveals his true emotions about the murder, he tells lady Macbeth that "we will proceed no further in this business" ...read more.


She is testing Macbeth to see who is more powerful. This shows a big change in their relationship. They used to have a respectful marriage now she is doubting him as a warrior. This shows distrust, if you doubt someone or you don't trust them then you cannot love them. This is ironic, as later Macbeth does not trust his wife, which in turn drove her to madness. Macbeth remembers the witches prophesies that Banquo is to be the father of kings, this is a threat to Macbeth as a result he hires assassins to kill Banquo and his son Fleance, he does not consult his wife, this shows that the tables have turned and Macbeth is now ruthless and ambitious the fact that Macbeth does not trust his wife enough to tell her of the new murder puts a serious doubt in our mind about Macbeth and lady Macbeths relationship. Although in the defence of Macbeth he could be trying to protect Lady Macbeth from further involvement in this evil, this could show that he still loves her deeply. ...read more.


The language she uses is disjointed and fragmented this shows that she is confused, Shakespeare uses this language to reflected her troubled mind. Lady Macbeth has changed from a strong focused woman to a guilty confused one. When Macbeth hears of lady Macbeths death he is shocked, the death has come at exactly the wrong time there is about to be a rebellion and Macbeth needs to be focused and also needs the strength of his wife to help him through, although now he has nothing to live for how can he kill rebels when his wife is dead, he in a way took her life away by committing the murder, how can he now take the life of another. He now has no relationship this is the biggest change in there relationship. The relationship changes a lot during the play Macbeth. It changes from a committed loving relationship to a disrespectful strained relationship. Shakespeare is trying to tell us that power and money does not make you happy especially if you have to commit evil to get and keep it and perhaps without love all the wealth in the world is useless. ...read more.

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