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Explore Act One of Willy Russells Educating Rita- how does he make it dramatic and entertaining? Comment on the character of Rita, language and action; dramatic devices and the cultural context.

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Justine Ryles Monday 23rd November 2009 English Literature coursework Task- Explore Act One of Willy Russell's 'Educating Rita'- how does he make it dramatic and entertaining? Comment on the character of Rita, language and action; dramatic devices and the cultural context Culture separates different classes. Russell clearly portrays this to the audience and highlights this theme throughout the play. There are many ways that Russell tries to create comedy and visual humour. This is not always from the dialogue but the set and stage directions. "The walls are lined with books" hints to the audience that Frank is intelligent. The opening of the play instantly introduces this actor and his academic environment. It also hints to the audience that Frank is looking for something "E, e, e... Dickens" it's then made clear with actions that Frank has an alcohol problem and this continues throughout the play. The whole opening is evolved around Frank. Next, the audience witness a phone call to his partner. ...read more.


This creates comedy but hints to the audience more about Rita. Rita begins to open up to Frank and talk about her life. We also realise that Rita works in a hairdressers. She explains how women come in everyday and they never have anything worth saying. It's symbolic because it describes how Rita doesn't want that anymore and that's why she wants to have an education. Opening and endings of scenes in 'Educating Rita' are very important as they add drama to the play. Scene two opens with Rita entering Frank's office with a can of oil. This refers back to the door handle. She is fixing the door so that it's no longer broken. This is symbolic because it's like Rita fixing her life. The end of scene three is emotive as Rita is told that her choice of books isn't good. She has to think about what is suitable "reading material" for an exam. Frank tells Rita that books like that are fine to read but not to mention in exams because of their nature. ...read more.


That's why she needs an education. This isn't just symbolic for Rita but Frank as well. He has hardly ever opened the window and that shows how he hasn't opened himself up to anyone. As a present to Rita, Frank buys her a dress. It's a kind gesture that symbolises Rita becoming a new educated woman. She promises that she wouldn't buy herself any clothes until she has completed her journey. Before she didn't feel that she could buy the right clothes because she wasn't educated enough to make the right choice. This is upsetting for the audience to hear so adds drama to the play. Russell creates humour and drama at the beginning, throughout and at the end of the Act. His language is effective and used perfectly in the dialogue of both characters. We see Rita change throughout the play and we follow her journey and see her changes as a woman. As an audience we feel emotional towards Frank and Rita. Russell has created a perfect balance between drama and humour in the play Educating Rita. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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