Educating Rita: How Does Willy Russell Make Act 1 Scene 1 Dramatic and Entertaining For the Audience?

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Educating Rita: How Does Willy Russell Make Act 1 Scene 1 Dramatic and Entertaining For the Audience?

Willy Russell makes Act1 Scene 1 of educating Rita exiting and dramatic in many different ways, such as dramatic devices. He uses them throughout the play sometimes to find out more about the character that is involved at that time, such as the telephone, and sometimes just to link one convocation to another.

Willy uses the phone to find out more about frank and his background and the phone also links him to the out-side world. In the telephone call frank is talking to his partner, we never actually here his partner speak this is because we have no need to hear her, we can tell from the things that frank says what is going on in the convocation while uncovering what frank is like “oh god, why did I take this on…… yes I suppose it was to pay for the drink” This suggests that frank drinks, it may even mean that frank is a alcoholic but it doesn’t actually say that he is, so it leaves space for the audiences minds to wonder and question themselves, ‘why does he drink?’, this quote also implies that frank does not like the job he is doing, “ I don’t need determination to get me into a pub” shows franks intellect and humour. During the phone call frank refers to Rita as being a “silly woman who is attempting to get in the mind on Henry James” This shows that Frank has pre-conceived ideas about Rita and in all, the working class. We know that frank is a middle class man because of what and the way he says things and he is of course a teacher, a job usually portrayed as a “middle class” job. When the convosation is over and frank has replaced the receiver he adds “yes, that’s it, you just pop off and put your head in the oven” this again shows humour to keep the audience amused.

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After the phone call Rita goes crashing through the door, and almost immediately you get a sense of who she is “i’m coming in aren’t I? It’s that bleeding handle you wanna get it fixed” This is a metaphorical barrier, the door being the wall stopping Rita from her education, education being the room that she will be being educated in. Eventually, determined Rita crashes her way in to the room, Rita believes that she is stuck in a whole (her culture) and the only way out is education so she is willing to do whatever it takes to get ...

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