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Explore How The Prologue Of Romeo and Juliet Introduces and Is Linked To The Main Themes Of The Play

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Explore How the Prologue of "Romeo and Juliet" Introduces and Is Linked To the Main Themes of the Play A prologue is a piece of text usually told, perhaps by an actor, at the beginning of a play. However, what makes Romeo and Juliet's unique is the way in which it goes into more depth and essentially tells us every thing that is going to happen throughout the play. Also another trait which makes this prologue different is the fact that it is written in the form of a sonnet. The Capulets and the Montagues are both very powerful families in Verona and they are of equal status. "Two households both alike in dignity" could also imply that because they are so alike they should actually be friends. Also this could suggest that the families are dignified and should forget about the "ancient grudge" and act more like adults. "Two households both alike in dignity" is the very first line of the play because it has great significance to the whole play in the way that because of their power it gets everyone involved in their feud, "where civil blood make civil hands unclean." ...read more.


Or this could mean that the servants feel obliged to fight for the family which they work for, as with perhaps some of the other innocent characters. This links to the death of Mercutio, a friend of Romeo, yet still a very innocent man. Mercutio is a very crucial character in the first half of the play: being the Prince's kinsman, he was the one who got Romeo and other friends into the Capulet's party, and yet he still gets killed off quite early in the play. This could be Shakespeare's way of highlighting how important of a role death is in the play. There are many arguments for who is responsible for Mercutio's death: it could go back to when Capulet and Montague first fell out which, in the long term, is what caused it; it could however, be the younger members of both families fault, as they are the ones who want to fight and bring up the "ancient grudge," and it could just be Romeo's fault as he wouldn't fight with Tybalt himself. ...read more.


Premonitions also are a big part in "Romeo and Juliet." Both main characters have them. Romeo has a premonition before he goes to the Capulet's party, "By some vile forfeit of untimely death." Which suggests that the consequence of him going to the party is going to result in his early death, which we later find out it does. Friar Laurence does not spend much time on stage throughout the play but part of the plot does basically revolve around him. Some people may say that Romeo and Juliet were really unlucky that fate was really not on their side but I think that the Friar played a big part in this. Firstly and mainly because of how ridiculous and long-winded the plan was to begin with. Also maybe he should have thought about risk assessment and risk control which may have stopped this all from happening. But was it just his fault? Surely if Romeo or Juliet had an ounce of intelligence between them and weren't so single minded they would have stopped this plan and thought of a simpler and shorter one. When the play was written, in the late 1500s, religion played a big part in everyday life, especially in Italy. ...read more.

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