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Explore the ways that Osborne is presented as a likeable character in Act One

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English Essay ? Journeys End Explore the ways that Osborne is presented as a likeable character in Act One? There are many ways in which Osborne is presented as a likeable character in Act One. One of Osborne?s admirable qualities is his loyalty. We can first see this loyalty in Act One, Scene One, when he is having a conversation with Hardy (a commander of another company). They are talking about Stanhope (in first command of the company). Hardy talks about Stanhope?s drinking problem and that Osborne should be commanding the company not Stanhope. Osborne shows his loyalty when he says that ?there isn?t a man to touch him as a commander of the men,? this shows that Osborne is sticking up for Stanhope by saying that he is meant to be and is more than worthy if the role, humbly saying that he doesn?t deserve such a role, that Stanhope deserves it more. ...read more.


Another way is Osborne?s appearance and personality; we find out that Osborne is a middle-aged man with 'iron-grey hair'. Osborne however is physically in very good shape and is a 'tall, thin man' who is 'physically as hard as nails.? These quotes illustrate that even though he is old, he is strong and ?hard as nails?, implying that he is suited for the war, having the strength and maturity. As Raleigh enters, the audience sees a kind, caring side to Osborne. Sheriff puts across the ideas of Osborne being a family man through his calming conversation with Raleigh, where he tells Raleigh from what way he should look at the war, this can be shown in the quote, "There's something rather romantic about it all." ...read more.


However this irrelevant small talk simply illustrates that these characters do not know each other very well, showing that he is friendly and kind as he makes a compliment about his sock. A final way is the comradeship between Osborne and Stanhope. Osborne when sticking up for Stanhope shows that there is a strong bond between the two as Osborne mentions that he loves him and ?would go to hell with him?. Illustrating his feelings for his comrade. In conclusion, all these features, form loyalty to comradeship make Osborne a likeable person. Act One reveals things not only about Osborne but other men because of his personality for example his caring and loyal side reveal to the audience what Stanhope is like. These features play an important role in unlocking the characters true identities and progressing the book further and reveals the realities of war and how men didn?t really show their feelings as much as Osborne. By Ileah Gondalia ...read more.

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