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Family Adventure: Monkey around at Go Ape!

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'Go Ape!' is the perfect example of a great, adventurous day out with your family. I was heading up to see my relatives in Manchester where we were made aware of a fun high wire course deep in the heart of Sherwood Pines forest. This audacious activity stood out as the type of thing the Lever family enjoys doing, so we booked ourselves in for the date of our return to London, and enjoyed the last few days of our family reunion. It's very important to book in advance - when we arrived the place was bustling, and when asking the instructors, they informed us that they were fully booked for a long time in advance. Payment is made before taking part in the challenging course, where brave Baboons (children) are charged �20 and gallant Gorillas (adults) are charged �25. After you pay at the kiosk, an instructor will gather everyone at the safety presentation point. You're taught about site safety and how to use your safety equipment correctly. ...read more.


Being scared of heights, and only tagging along because the children need an adult to take part, the sight was pretty amusing - especially when he started squirming with fright as if there was a swarm of bees surrounding him. After some reassurance, he hauled himself back onto the wooden planks and made his way over to the platform I had been standing on for quite some time now. Once again, to get to the ground we had to travel down a zip wire. When going down the zip wire, you were told to hold on to your harness straps, not the wire. The wire is made out of thick metal and so to hold onto it at such fast speeds would cause serious harm, such as friction burns. Each event was colour coded: green was the easiest to complete, followed by blue, then red, and then black. The difficulty level was shown on the map within each cabin, or if up in the trees, on a sign post attached to the tree. ...read more.


The instructor then hooked himself on to the structure, and like a true ape, went climbing, swinging and pulling himself up to the distraught woman. He connected his harness to hers and safely lowered her back down to the ground. So it was my turn to fly through the air like a bird. I hooked myself onto the vine from the top of the tree and counted: one... two... three! I screamed in delight as the air went whooshing passed me and then flew into the mesh. I clawed onto it and started climbing up the mesh onto the platform to continue on with the next activity. After further red and black courses, it was time to make our way down the longest and highest zip wire of the whole adventure. No one word can describe the exhilaration one feels when descending from such a height. The whole course took us a shocking four hours to finish and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I know I will definitely be revisiting 'Go Ape!' at some point and suggest you make a visit too. Daniel Lever Address: Go Ape! Sherwood Pines Sherwood Pines Visitor Centre Sherwood Pines Forest Park North Edwinstowe Nottinghamshire Website: www.goape.co.uk Phone Number: 0870 444 5562 ...read more.

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